Friday, July 27, 2012

The Shortest Statement

     So, one could say I've been on vacation, if by vacation you mean, home deeply depressed and finding no movitation to do little more than eat, sleep, and watch Gilmore Girls. So, the abbreviated back story . . .At the beginning of July, I found out that our house was being sold by the bank and that there was a good possibility we would be homeless. After almost a month of feeling like most of the bad news being sprouted was my fault, and feeling like a ping pong ball being hit between the players, helplessness and hopelessness, I am finally forfeiting the game. I am not entirely whole and stable, but I working to create more solid ground to stand on.
     There will be curve balls thrown my way in the near future I'm sure, but I will try to force myself to be open as I go . . .
The good news is that we are moving from one area of Nashville to another area at the beginning of August. We are moving into a townhouse with 4 other friends which will either be incredibly awesome, and a learning experience. Or a a really horrific episode of MTV's Real World -Nashville. We shall see.
The bad news (depending on  POV) We have decided that we are moving out of Nashville, and Tennessee as a whole, at the end of 2013 unless something spectular holds us here. So. . . .

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