Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP it And the Winners!


  SO it is Wednesday, which is W.I.P. it Wednesday for me, but being that I have only been working on The Question Game, which has been sent off to my Betas (Yippee!). It is currently 12 chapters long, and has 11600 words, so I'm very proud of it. By this time next week, it will be Green, so that makes two greenies!

    Regarding the Flash Fiction Friday, I'm sorry I have not posted a winner, mostly just because I have been lazy and sick. I've also been dealing with depression in the way I always do, picking back and sleeping. So, I offer a heart felt apology to everyone who entered. I thought all the entries were wonderful, and very inventive!

So, I'm awarding second place to:
Author Kyle Mankles,
Author Gary Smith, and
Author Cheryl Moore

And First Place to:
Author Laura Medeiros,
Author Kitten Blue, and
Author Richard Garrison

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