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The Question Game, Chapter Two - Five

This entire short story is available on the Goodreads M/M Group (I can help you find it, whether or not you're already on Goodreads) . . . or you can read it bit by bit here. Keep in mind, this is my first PUBLISHED work, so give it love. Let me know what you think good, bad, but hopefully not too ugly. Because I value every opinion who takes the time to read my writing. . . Thanks in advance, and hope you enjoy . . .

PS The story is also available in EPUB, if you want it that way, let me know !!

CHAPTER 2. It Only Takes a Couple Seconds and A Commitment

     The apartment was a wreck. Empty pizza boxes and bottles of 'chick beer' were all over the floor. A pile of unopened mail lay on the table next to the door. And on top, the only opened envelope was the invitation to Zach and Ann's wedding six months away—another reminder that he was all alone, again.

     Juan Martinez sat wrapping and unwrapping the black leather belt around his knuckles, praying that God would give him the strength to do what he felt he needed to do. Diary of a Mad Black Woman played in the background, just something he put on whenever he wanted noise or comfort. This had been their movie. They had watched it so many times they had to buy a new copy of it.

     So, why had he left this DVD? Juan wondered. In the six years they had been together, Phillip never forgot anything (which was part of the problem). When he moved out and took all his stuff, including the piano Juan had bought for him for their second anniversary, why had he left this DVD? At first, Juan thought that maybe he had forgotten the DVDs, but he had taken Waiting to Exhale and Beethoven, his two other favorite movies.

     As Madea flashed her gun on the TV and went on another rant about Helen getting her half, tears rolled down Juan's face. He thought about the time they both dressed as Madea for Halloween and then went to a church party.

     "Haaaleluuujjjaaahh," they spent all night greeting everyone. Another tear rolled quickly down his face.

     He looked around the room and for the first time realized all the picture frames had his ex's picture torn out of them. He got up and went to the fireplace to closely examine one of the frames. Catching his own reflection, his wiry black chin stubble made him look a little scary. And dark black circles contrasted his otherwise smooth light brown Hispanic skin. He looked like he hadn't sleep for weeks, which was not far from the truth.

     He looked at the other frames and saw that every picture was torn this way. He should have been grateful that he didn't have to look at that face again, but instead he grew angrier and more sad. He felt as if he had been deserted. Juan looked over the letter Phillip had left, a list of the things that were wrong with Juan and their relationship.

     The letter reminded him of the speech his father had given him when he left home. About God not approving of his homosexualité and until he repented, God was not there for him. Juan had tried and tried to reconnect with his beliefs, but every time he tried, his father's words used a bullhorn to repeat them in his head. His father had listed all the things that were wrong with Juan and all the ways he needed to improve before God would even consider taking him back. And this list, like the list Phillip left, was overwhelming and compiled to defeat. Juan felt exhausted.

     After six years of doing everything together as one being, Juan didn't feel that he could be alone. Worse than that, he was afraid of trying. That is why he decided on the belt. Good, thick leather, long enough to get the job done. He hated the way he was leaving things; that he hadn't said "I love you" to his friends the last time he had seen them. And he couldn't call them up out of the blue; they would know something was up.

    So he left a note on the computer screen that said simply, "Thank you, my friends. I love you a lot. Please be strong."

     Better to do it now, quick and simple. Just a little commitment, a high set beam, a chair, and a belt. Tears rolled down as he stepped up onto the chair and threw the belt over the beam. Lost in his thoughts, he barely noticed his phone was vibrating. As it continued to vibrate in his pocket his mind wandered and he began to ask himself, What if this is God calling me? He toyed with the idea of not answering it. But he didn't want to take the chance. He pulled it out of his pocket and flipped it open without checking the caller id.

     "Help." It sounded like Jonathan, but very shaky.

     "Jonny? Is that you? Are you okay?" Juan asked concerned as he stepped down from the chair. "Is Ian okay?"

     "Please come quick. Ian . . . His ankle . . . I'm scared . . . He keeps screaming. . ." Jonathan said very quickly.

     "I'll be right there." Juan said, as he hung up the phone, grabbed his jacket, and started to rush out the door. He glanced back and thought, I'll be back to finish this.

CHAPTER 3: A Threesome Uncoupled
     "Does the amount of semen a partner produces matter to you?"

     This was the question that greeted Yerza Xanakus as he entered the bar.

     His jaw dropped. It wasn't the question, or the company. It was the fact that they were out in public, in a straight bar, crowded with people. Several of which looked like they were ready to lynch "some faggots." Yerza looked at the faces in the group: his boyfriend of less than three weeks, Phillip Cassidy; his quiet best friend, Ann Nichols; his friend, Santos Ferris; his best fag hag, Deanna Polito, and two other guys Yerza didn't know.

     "Are you crazy, Santos?" Yerza asked, still not believing that he had asked that so loudly and in public, with his boyfriend sitting beside him, and who knows who was listening. Yerza was not conservative by any stretch of the imagination. In fact with his full beard built body and flannel shirt he either got confused for a hippie or a lumberjack. Regardless, this is not the kind of stuff he was used to discussing in public, and definitely not in a straight bar. Santos on the other hand sported his usual style of unkempt. It looked as though his hair hadn't been washed in a week, he reeked of patchouli and his clothes appeared to have been dug out of the hamper. And there was very little that embarrassed him.

     Deanna, despite her tight bun of hair and her Armani dress, was never one to back down from a raunchy conversation. She glanced at Yerza, and said, "Oh Phillip. . ." then asked the question again. Phillip sat there, shifting his wide eye stare between Deanna, Yerza, and Santos. In the dead center of the group, he sat quietly looking uncomfortable in his starched white shirt and corporate khakis. Before he could open his mouth to say anything, Santos answered, loud and proud.

     "I like explosions, volcanoes of jizz all over the place! Sex is supposed to be crazy! Sex is sex. It's not called a fucking public library reading session." With each word he spoke, he seemed to get louder. As he finished, he snorted and then sipped on his fruity drink, and pushed his greasy black hair back, so it didn't cover his eyes.

      Within a few minutes and a few questions, the area that they were in seemed to clear out, except for the three girls giggling in the corner who were listening to their every word, and the man at the table that was busy scribbling as Deanna and Santos asked more questions.

     "During sex, how do you want to be talked to?" Deanna asked.


     "Oh, fuck me harder," Yerza growled as Phillip took him from behind. As their flesh hit, and reverberated off the walls, both of them moaned louder. Phillip reached around and grabbed Yerza's nipples, twisting them softly.

     "You want me, baby? You want me to fuck you harder?" Phillip asked.

     "Oh, yeah, fuck. Yeah." Yerza said as he lowered his head into the couch cushion. He pushed as Phillip moved slightly and hit his prostate even harder. "Fuck me harder!" he shouted.

     And for a few moments, their grunts and moans began a crescendo in the air once again.

     "Guys, hurry up. You're killing my sleep here. I got. . ." Matt rubbed his head, and glanced at the clock, 4 a.m., "less than four hours here. And I've got tux fittings in the morning. Can you guys cum already and shut the hell up?" He covered his head once again with the pillow.

     Phillip glanced up from the couch and turned to the right. This was the first time he had noticed that the apartment had virtually no dividing walls and that the room Matt was in had a doorframe, but no door. There was not even a curtain dividing the two rooms.

     Yerza, used to Matt's complaining kept his rhythm and worked for his orgasm. Phillip, however, in frustration, pulled out and flopped down on the couch. Yerza pulled the condom off his partner's dick and started giving him a blow job. "Yerz, stop, dude. It's over." Phillip said, flat-lining his voice, letting Yerza know, for his part it was indeed over. As Yerza sat down beside him, he continued to masturbate.

     "Can I get some alone time with you?" Phillip asked, as he glanced at Matt, unsure of whether or not the douche could hear him. "I mean I know that we've only been dating four weeks. . ."

     "Three weeks." Yerza corrected, softly.

     ". . . And I don't have the right to ask this, but how the hell do you ever masturbate? In private, I mean, because this is the third time this week, he's interrupted us and cock blocked."

     "I know. But I'm not shy. I don't care if he's listening or even watching. When I need to blow, I blow. Regardless." Yerza said as he continued pulling the foreskin up and over the head of his shaft, and then pushing it back down.

     "I can't do that. So, I guess . . . ." Phillip said, feeling around on the floor for his pants and underwear. "I guess, call me when you're alone. And he won't be home for a while." He said as he pulled his pants up and reached for his keys. He stopped by the door and slipped on his shoes.

     "Good night," Matt called from the bedroom.

     As Phillip opened the door, he was nearly run over by two men moving a couch.

     "What the fuck?!?" Yerza exclaimed as he slipped into his boxer briefs, and headed for the door. "Matt, something's up at Juan's place. They're moving out furniture." He shouted as he exited, and Matt jumped out of bed.  
CHAPTER 4. Come Forth, My Son

     Shortly after his parents had shown up unexpectedly and discovered his suicide attempt, Juan was forcibly moved out of his apartment back into his childhood home. And of course because of his father's beliefs he was forced to attend church "to revive his injured relationship with God."

     Juan entered the confessional and knelt as he crossed himself. "Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. It has been two years since my last confession."

     "Begin your confession," the priest said.

     "Are you familiar with Humpty Dumpty, Father?"

     "I beg your pardon," he said.

     "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again."

     Nothing. Silence from the other side of the confessional.

     "My father is my Humpty Dumpty. He is the one who is broken and then decided to break me." Juan sat silently, and tapped his fingers on the screen dividing them, trying to figure out what he wanted to say and how he wanted to say it. As the tears rolled down his cheeks, he quickly wiped them away.

     "My son, what is it you wish to confess?" The priest prodded, uncomfortably tugging at his collar as the heat on his side of the confessional reached intolerable.

     "At the age of 14, my father sat me down and asked me which girls I had a crush on. In my memory, I listed half the girls in my class, while my father sat across from me scribbling down names. The next day, he contacted the parents of every one of those girls, and while I only heard rumors of what was said, he had begged every one of those girls to go on a date with me, and try to prove that I was not a . . . homosexual.

     "Every girl had said no. Why had they said no? Because in home economics class I had sewn better, or cooked better, or something better, and they were jealous. Jealous because most girls were afraid at the age of 14, that I, Juan Martinez, was a better girl than they were. My dad beat me that night, and told me to enroll in Shop from now on. No more theatre, or choir, because these things were making me more . . . homosexual.

     "It never occurred to him that it was something deeper, and that as much as he didn't want a queer son, I didn't want to be a faggot. I didn't want to get my books kicked around. I didn't want to be tortured every day in gym. I didn't want to want boys. I just did. And I fought admitting that. And when Santos kissed me in the bushes, I punched him in the nose. And after Jonathan jacked me off, I refused to talk to him for months. And after I had sex for the first time, I was convinced I was going straight to Hell for all eternity. I kicked my boyfriend out and spent two weeks studying the Bible, and refusing to leave my apartment. I don't want to just go messing around with anyone. I don't want something casual, I want something real. And for that, I am a sinner. I will die and go to Hell because I want love. I want to be in love and I want to find someone who loves me. And even bigger than that, I want to show love. I want to find a way to make a difference. Is it wrong for me to want some love and to want to make a difference?"

     Juan pulled his knees to his chest and sat rocking. "What I don't get is why? Why is it a sin to love? To find ways to enjoy our body that feels natural and good? I don't understand a God who gives us so much freedom, and then says if we use it, we're going to Hell. Can you explain that, Father?"

     "No. . ." The priest said slowly, and then continued as if in a trance as he spoke, "but my question to you, Juan, is this . . . Who told you, you were wrong to want love? Who showed you scriptures in accordance with that? The bible is a weapon; it is a sword that is mighty. But many wield it incorrectly. They use it to justify their hatred, not to prove their love. They use it to make themselves a Pharisee, not to humble themselves as well. You were created divinely as YOU. And when judgment comes, I believe, showing love, true love, will stand supreme. Until then, suffer as a warrior of the true God. True to your beliefs, and your study of the Scripture."

     As the Father spoke, Juan felt himself filled with hope and light. The Father finished the confession, giving his final words of Love, and as he left the confessional, Juan sat there grateful for once that he had listened to his parents and gone to church .   

CHAPTER 5. The Fifth Anniversary

     "I want to brake up." That was all the e-mail said. Dr. Bradley Harbuck looked at his computer again, shaking his head in disbelief. After five years strong, this was how his lover, Jean Paul, ended their relationship, a misspelled sentence. And Bradley crumpled into his chair. He looked around the hotel room he had rented for the night. With the chartered airplane for the night, the champagne chilling in ice, and the rose petals on the bed, he had spent more money and planning than he cared to think about on this evening, only to receive a misspelled e-mail informing him of the demise of his marriage.

     "Don't I deserve more than this?" He asked out loud to the air wafting around the room. He stepped out onto the balcony and looked below. As the cars streamed by twenty floors down, he thought ever so briefly about jumping, but he could never do that. He loved his life.

     He continued to look down and found himself lost in a memory of him and Jean Paul.

     He had been staying in the exact same hotel and had called for room service. It was getting late, and he was a bit hungry. Not feeling like going out, he ordered in. And when room service arrived, Jean Paul entered his room, and Bradley's heart stopped. Okay, maybe it didn't stop. But for the first time in a long time, Bradley was definitively hard in all the right places. Jean Paul put the tray down on the table, and asked if there was anything else Bradley needed. Bradley responded "That sounds like a line from a really bad porno."

     Both men were eyeing each other, waiting for the other to make the first move.

     Jean Paul headed toward the door, stating that "Company policies prohibit any kind of relationship with a guest staying at the property."

     Bradley replied, "That doesn't stop the two of us from fucking in the shower until the water turns cold."

     Then not caring about policy, they not only felt the water get cold but warmed the sheets up as well. But by the time they finished, they both realized they wanted more than just a fuck. Bradley checked out the next morning, and got a room across the street, so there was no fear, for either of them.

     Within a week, Bradley was in love, and Jean Paul saw a way out of Paris, where he had lived all his life. Since Bradley was already a U.S. citizen he helped Jean Paul get his residency and they had been together ever since.

     "I want to brake up." Laying on the desk next to the computer was the brand new five-hundred-dollar phone that Jean Paul had wanted. Bradley had bought it as an anniversary present for him, and had just gotten the service switched over, so Jean Paul could use it immediately. The phone began to vibrate, a new text had come in.

     Bradley picked up the phone and read "Broken up with the bf yet? Get over here soon and fuck me!" Bradley's hand shook as he dialed the number.

     "Hello. Hello. Didya meanta call me? Whatever." The guy on the other end of the phone snorted and hung up. Bradley recognized the voice immediately, as he realized he had been played for months. Bradley glanced down, after pacing the room and ending on the balcony. He still had the phone in his hand. He held it over the balcony, over the traffic gathering below, and watched it drop into street, only wishing he could do the same with Jean Paul.

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The Idiot's Guide to Christianity,the Bible, and Homosexuality

      OK, so this is one of the only posts I will ever make about this subject. I am an American, although i am not overtly patriotically. I am Agnostic, but my religious worship includes lots of beliefs from lots of religions, but mostly Christianity. I am a homosexual, that includes both of the categories of who I have sex with and whom I love.
     Now, I'm gonna blow some minds here, but try and stay with me. Fred Phelps says God Hates Fags, and some Christians agree with this statement, there are also some who do not. That is not the question. Here it is: What makes one a "fag"? Currently, I do not have a partner so I have virtually no sex, so I'm a eunuch, right? Now, some will say that I sin each time I think a homosexual thought, but if there is no action . . .See where I'm gonna? Action or thought, what makes the sin? My question is: If as a person, you wish death/judgment upon me, aren't you committing murder, because you thought it?
     There are those that use the bible to defend their hatred, anger, and ignorance. Jesus did not. I use it to support my love. I do believe that The Bible is the Word of God, as much as I believe in Jesus, and Buddha, and Bacchus. And I believe that if homosexuality were the issue, the most important issue, as some Christians try and tell it, then Jesus Christ himself would have addressed it in one of his many sermons. But throughout the four books that we read Jesus's story from four very differing points of views there is no mention whatsoever of this most heinous sin.
     There are several examples of gay couples throughout the bible that were not destroyed, but actually blessed by God. I would list those here, but I think that if you study your bible with the openness God grants, the truth will be reveled. In each of those couples, it does not mention sex, although one man strips bare in front of another, and pledges his love. But in each of these stories, love and devotion are key.
     And one quick point about the times the bible does mention homosexuality: There are six suppose references to Homosexuality in the bible. Each one I have been given that say "homosexuality" is a sin, but each time it is mentioned in cohesion with other sins. IF Homosexuality were the issue some Christians make it, it would be spoken of in the Ten Commands, the ultimate rules of the game of life.
     In conclusion, I have fought and continue to fight to "Love my brother as myself", "Love the Lord, my God, above all things", and "Let no debt remain outstanding, except for the love that you have for one another. That is how people will know you are my disciples." Sorry, if this are slightly paraphrased, but they are thoughts that run through my head and my memory constantly, not exact quotes.
     Regarding any businesses, I don't care if a business runs opposite my beliefs, that is their choice, as it is mine to choice to support them or not. Mostly, I choose to support businesses that do not discriminate against anyone. Period.
     However there is a line crossed when any business, regardless of its size, status, or location, that states it believes in one thing, but proves its hypocrisy by funding unethical, and in this case, un-Christian practices. I do not believe God supports genocide, discrimination, or slaughter. I believe in a God of mercy, peace, and love. FOR ALL PEOPLE. PERIOD.

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The Question Game, Chapter One

This entire short story is available on the Goodreads M/M Group (I can help you find it, whether or not you're already on Goodreads) . . . or you can read it bit by bit here. Keep in mind, this is my first PUBLISHED work, so give it love. Let me know what you think good, bad, but hopefully not too ugly. Because I value every opinion who takes the time to read my writing. . . Thanks in advance, and hope you enjoy . . .

PS The story is also available in EPUB, if you want it that way, let me know !!

by Wt Prater


     You know your sex life is boring when you start counting the tiles in the ceiling, or worse, the pimples on his back. And that, sadly, described mine even before Zach and I broke up. I was about to flip open one of the many books on his night stand and start reading when he finally came, which meant that I could stop acting like I was enjoying myself and get the fuck out of there.

     But as he flopped onto the bed and turned over, he pulled me down into his embrace and because I am not a heartless prick, I laid with him while he went on and on about how much this meant to him. Meanwhile, I was playing The Question Game in my head.

     “What are you thinking about?” I heard him ask after a couple seconds of silence.

     “Well, I ---” I started, but before I could speak more than a few words, he interrupted me, talking about this and that, nothing of which I cared about, until eventually, he talked himself to sleep.

     I took the opportunity and left. Normally, I would have written a note but I didn’t figure he cared. Why? Because the only question he asked me, he never let me answer.

     This is why I started playing the question game with all my friends. The question game is about give and take. It’s pretty simple: Ask a question, and wait for an answer. There is no rhyme or reason for the game, except for curiosity. It's how I could show that I was interested and cared about my friends. I wanted to know them, and love them. I didn’t know what kind of questions they would ask or where it would lead.
Chapter 1. First Things First, What a Boy Wants

     As Jonathan Grant walked through their house, he had the wedding invitation in one hand and his vodka straight up in the other. He admired and simultaneously hated all the pretty things he walked past that he and his partner, Ian, had collected over the past three years. As he walked around the living room, looking at the pictures of celebrations, and the souvenirs they had collected from their various trips, Jonathan found himself getting more upset.

     On top of the mantle sat one of the biggest reminder of their differences and the time they had spent, or at this point Jonathan felt wasted together: a silver picture frame. The frame was carved with the words “I love you’ in different languages and it contained a picture of the two of them on vacation in Hawaii for their two-year anniversary. Jonathan always stared at that picture, because it was so beautiful. The way his already brown skin contrasted with Ian’s lily-white complexion so much more even after Ian had been in the sun for almost a week haunted Jonathan.

     Other memorabilia surrounded him. Bowling trophies they had won together in their league. Pictures of their families and social circle. Black and white. One of them always stood out, whether they were with his friends or with Ian‘s.

     But at this moment, in this emotion, Jonathan could not find himself anywhere in this place. He couldn’t find any happy or good memories that he wanted to keep. How was that possible, after three years?

     All his rage and anger had been building up and now, now it was surfacing because of this damn invitation. After three fucking years, why couldn’t he get Ian to commit to him? The question he kept asking himself, how much shit can one relationship take? He had dealt with Ian spending all of their savings on a boat. A boat that Ian had lost interest in after three months, that they then had to sell for half the original cost. He had dealt with Ian cheating on him not once, but twice with different men. Jonathan had even suggested that they try having an open relationship, but Ian had declined.

     And then disappeared for three days, saying he was on a “runaway weekend with Deanna”. What Ian didn’t know was Deanna had called a day after Ian left, wondering where he was.

     “Has he forgotten his Spa day with me again?” she asked, sounding so heartbroken.

     Jonathan had grown to love a lot about Ian. He had even grown to love his in-laws. But Ian was still dodging the bullet. Every time Jonathan brought up the “Marriage” word, Ian jumped into the nearest book or car, whichever was closest and provided the quickest getaway.

     Jonathan glanced at the invitation again, and felt his emotions once again go up on the spinning wheel. He was happy for Zach and Ann, and a little confused for them. And he was sad for himself, and angry and hurt about Ian. Of these emotions, he chose to go with the anger once again. He fixed himself another drink, and started to march to the exercise room where Ian was.

     He thought, “Even Zach and Ann were getting married in six months, and they weren’t even a “couple”. So why not them? They lived in Washington DC, and it had been legal for over a year, and still nothing. Maybe if I threaten to leave him. No, I don’t want a proposal as an ultimatum.”

     Jon watched as Ian exercised on his stationary bike pedaling on and on but getting nowhere. He could relate to that. He stood there comparing Ian’s small but built body to his larger frame, and got angry at yet another difference between them, another reason for them not to be together. How opposite could two people be and stay together? This was becoming a very serious question in his mind. .

     He watched through the glass door that separated the exercise room from the dining room, clutching his glass tightly and the invitation to the wedding tighter still. He wanted to storm in there and tell Ian it was over. He was unhappy and tired of waiting. He wanted more than great sex and a fabulous house. He wanted a husband.

     But he knew he shouldn’t talk to Ian when he was this emotional, so he swallowed the rest of the drink and headed back to the living room to make another one. Knowing Ian’s routine, he had almost completed his cycling for the day and would be moving on to his weight lifting routine. As Ian dismounted the bike he glanced at Jonathan through the glass, forgot to remove his other foot from the petal, and landed hard upon his ankle.

     Jonathan thought he heard a crunching noise even before the scream. He turned around and threw the glass door open and found Ian had somehow twisted his ankle and his foot so much so that he could not move. Running to him, he wanted to help but was afraid to touch him. He knew Ian well enough to know that when he was in pain, he became a drama queen. The slightest scratch or cut became a reason to visit the emergency room. Jonathan both loved and hated that, mostly because it was the only time Jonathan got to see Ian’s softer side, and really feel that he was needed.

     Ian was still on the bike, cradling one ankle while his other feet appeared still caught in the protective cuff. Jonathan went to him, and tried to figure out how he could help. Ian had tears running down his cheeks as he tried not to move any more than he had to. As Jonathan looked at the foot trapped in the cuff, he started to move toward Ian’s foot. But as he moved, but Ian screamed.
     “Please don’t touch me, Jon. Oh God, please don’t!” Ian partly moaned, and partly screamed, with tears streaming down his face.

     “What can I do?” Jon asked, still shocked by the sight and unsure of how to help.

     “I don’t know. Call Juan, he’s a nurse. He’ll know. Please hurry.” With tears still streaming down his face, Ian tried to move into a more comfortable position and screamed more. Jon ran to the phone in the kitchen and called Juan.


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The Real World (in Reality)

"Saturday- Barbara Ann and Betty were fighting about who had larger breasts. It resulted in a whipped cream fight that went deadly. The cops were involved.

Sunday- Jose went on another bender, getting drunk and having gay sex on the pool table in front of the entire household. And the crew. And even neighbors were peeping in through through the glass windows. It definitely didn't help that his parents were visiting from Puerto Rico. And were playing pool.

Monday- Today was a fairly quiet day, until the screaming at midnight. Apparently Bubba was sleepwalking around the house in nothing but his boots and cowboy hat. And then he mistook Ahmed's bed with the toilet and proceeded to "golden shower" him. He wasn't nearly as Quiesha, who happened to walk by, see his bright white ass and start screaming at the ghost of her long dead daddy."---   The Real World, Fiction

      Having roommates changes everything. Especially going from a seven room house to an apartment. Granted, "the apartment" is a three story townhouse which is very nice but there is still an adjustment. For the most part, the move has been a purging process, allowing us to start fresh. We gotten everything from the house moved into two rooms at the townhouse. But now comes the conflict . . . the furniture wars, the space issues, and did I mention the cat that wants to clain every part of the house as his?

     At this point, I am waiting for Frankie, our cat, to serve us an eviction notice stating he can't live in this small a space. And this is after two days of him living here. And I'm scared, because he's a scarey little shit when he needs to be.

      And the boxes. who knew we had this much crap? And most of it, we just couldn't imagine leaving behind. Unpacking is a daunting and right now, very offputting and put off task.

      Thank you to our new roomies who helped us move. And to our old roomie, you da bomb.
And for all those who saw we were moving and didn't care, well you probably won't be reading this, so Oh Fucking Well.
     So far, the most drama seen was on TV, watching Roseanne (season 5, the one where Fisher beats Jackie, and Roseanne and Dan come to the rescue).

     I think I like the new place, and our roommates, despite us all being so different. But only time will tell. Here's hoping there is lots of fun, without so much "reality".