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HOPping Along, Two More Books, and FREE STUFF!!!

This is my second entry for the TRR GLBT Madness Hop! This hop will last four days, from the 27th to the 30th. Please join us in supporting all the blogs that are included! As for Just Write and SO Gay, today we are focusing on Books of the Next Gen! And just for commenting on this blog hop, you could recieve a copy of my first story, which has never been published! Exercising His Options is a story of a closed minded man named Enver Mann who takes a journey that blows his mind, and opens up his options.This story is so hot you will not want to read it in public. And you can WIN YOUR FREE COPY before the masses get it! ***CLICK ON THE LINK AT THE END OF ARTICLE TO GO TO THE NEXT BLOG INCLUDED IN THIS HOP***

     Yesterday on the blog I wrote about exploring the M/M catergory and how excited I was to find so many different authors to read. Today's entry is about the exact opposite. I've had a passion for YA Lit (Young Adult Literature) since I learned how to read. I think I went from preschool books to YA books and got stuck there. But it was a stuck that I loved. With ADD and possible ADHD, YA was always a great mix, because of the pace and energy of the storytelling. So, I wore out R L Stine, Bruce Coville, and yes, even J K Rowling and Stephenie Meyer.

      But when I dived into M/M reading, I found out quickly, the well was pretty dry. There were some authors who ventured into writing YA, but they did it under different names and houses (understandably so) so that the younglings wouldn't associate the hot erotic writings with their more youthful yearnings. But still, finding books where the GLBT wasn't represented as the sassy gay friend (The House of Night series) or the generic relative (Bruce Coville's Skull of Truth) was difficult. So, I stopped looking for a while.
     Then at OutlantaCon earlier this year, I was introduced to two of the best books that I have read this year: Hollowstone by Denny Upkins and Changing Jamie by Dakota Chase. I had the opportunity to listen to panels with both of these authors and decided to give these books a try. I was incrediblly happy I did. So, I want to take a moment to introduce you to each of these books.

     Hollowstone by Denny Upkins is a story about a boy, Noah Scott, and his journey through life and death situations while still facing the perils of simply growing up. When I began the book, I was a little confused. I thought I was going to be reading about a lead gay character, but instead I was pleasantly surprised that Upkins chose the unconventional route. Instead of preaching about homophobia, stereotyping, and social elitism, he lets his lead character (who is African American)speak of the issues and weaves characters and situations around this character to show his thoughts on these subjects. It doesn't come from a place of anger, but rather righteous indignation of having to live through it all. And come out the better.

      Very similarly, Changing Jamie by Dakota Chase is a simple story of growing love in which one of the characters, mainly Billy the best friend, both create and propogate the drama, but the story does not proselytize to the audience. The main attraction to this book was the fact that it's subject is one that many both inside and out of the GLBT community won't talk about, much less write about. "Bug chasing" was and is one of the least talked about subjects even within the HIV/AIDS community. So to read this brilliantly written, deeply insightful book that has lovable characters and a sweet plot, it does exactly what I hope a great YA book would do: teach or reteach an important lesson, wrapped in a fast paced story, so that the audience comes out more knowledgable, and maybe even, enlightened.

      These two books have changed the way I view YA Lit, especially YA with GLBT characters, and they give me hope that there is a whole new generation of youth that will be taught by ingenious books without even realizing they've been changed for the better. And they have taught me what I want to strive for when I write YA Lit. Thank you to Denny Upkins and Dakota Chase for those lessons. The Romance Reviews GLBT Madness Hop

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Do the Hop, Get FREE Stuff, and Learn About First Loves!

This is my first entry for the TRR GLBT Madness Hop! This hop will last four days, from the 27th to the 30th. Please join us in supporting all the blogs that are included! As for Just Write and SO Gay, today we are focusing on our First Loves of Book! And just for commenting on this blog, you could recieve a copy of my first story, which has never been published! Exercising His Options is a story of a closed minded man named Enver Mann who takes a journey that blows his mind, and opens up his options.This story is so hot you will not want to read it in public. And you can WIN YOUR FREE COPY before the masses get it!  ***CLICK ON THE LINK AT THE END OF ARTICLE TO GO TO THE NEXT BLOG INCLUDED IN THIS HOP***
       So today, on my blog I thought I would talk about first loves. Not in humans, because that would take a novel (hey, cool idea, huh?). i want to talk about first loves in books. Two years ago, I didn't know that there was a M/M catergory. I was searching quite desparately in all the books I was reading to find GLBT characters, trying to read between the lines and see if Ron was really in love with Harry (the Dumbledore secret, WHAT?) and hoping and praying Jacob was really in love with any of his pack rather than Bella (I think that would have made the story more interesting), and so forth. I was almost hard up enough to start digging through Fan Fic to find the kind of stuff that I really wanted to read.         
     And then a friend suggested I attend GRL Gay Rom Lit, and at first, I blew it off thinking I didn't need another convention to add to my roster. I was already going to 6 or 7 a year. However, I went to their website and read about it. I was hooked. I registered within a week, but I could see one small problem: of the hundred and seventy-ish authors that were attending, I was familar with one or two of the names. And I mean, familar as in I had seen, but never read. So, I did what any rational bibliophile would do: I made a list of ALL the authors and started stalking them.
     I wore out Facebook, GoodReads, and google search finding every story that this group had published. I would describe this experience as a step toward Heaven. Finding so many authors that wrote what I wanted to read, OMG many times over. And we won't even talk about how much money went into this venture.  I am still exploring many of these authors a year later. And I've added tons of authors to my list. But one name stands out above and beyond all the others. Because it was my first love. Now I have loved many authors since then, but one's first love always holds a special place.  Any one who knows me knows this is the first author I recommend to any one looking to explore this genre. That author, whom I adore above all others, is J P Barnaby. 
      I began my exploration of Barnaby's Little Boy Lost series with Enlightened, the first of the six book series. This book started with "My name is Brian Patrick McAllister, and I am going to hell." And caught me immediately. I grew up in the south, Tennessee, so I understood being condemned by the church. But reading Brian's story, he gave me hope. Not because his story is so unlike mine, but because his story was exactly mine. Finding love, and having that love become your salvation. Now, I don't want to spoil these books for anyone who hasn't read them, but they take the reader on a journey unlike anything I've read before or since. The plots may be somewhat predictable, but the emotions are not. They are the most realistic fiction I've ever read.  Now keep in mind with your first love, you don't notice the imperfections you just see the overall arc of the relationship.  And this describes my relationship with this book.
     Unlike most books where I have felt sympathy for the character, this book and all the others that follow it I felt with the characters. (Spoiler) When Jamie is "gay bashed" in the second book, his road to recovery is realistic and heartfelt and inspirational to me. He fights and falls down with such truth that following his journey is better than watching an edisode of Queer as Folk or Noah's Ark. I loved the characters in these books, not for their strengths but for their obvious humanity. As the third book and Brian's journey continues, the audience gets to see a big city from a small town's point of view. Even through fear of the unknown, we get to see the search for true love prevail and meet new characters that are fleshed out and idealistic but grounded.
     Whether the reader has never read M/M before, or has read tons, this series will open up a newness to the genre that is much needed. I have given copies of these books to my wife to read as well. Because in my humble opinion one hasn't read M/M done well until they have read these books. Thank you to J P Barnaby and the Little Boy Lost series for setting an incredible standard of impecible fiction.  And for being my first love. I will always remember you.
The Romance Reviews GLBT Madness Hop

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The Big Picture on mmmMMMonday from Jeremy Pack

Jason, Ellie, and Jeremy Pack
Wt--- Greeting and salutions. This is Wt Prater 
with Just Write and SO Gay,  and I am here
today with Author Jeremy Pack. Thanks for
allowing us the time, good sir.

JP ---Thank YOU for the opportunity.

Wt--- So I feel like I should start off with honesty. . . I have been crushing on you for months, ever since I read your blog for "HOP Against Homophobia"

JP--- Haha. That's very sweet. I had fun with that post--and felt like it was a fantastic event to participate in. One of the cool things about being a part of this community is events like that, where readers and authors come together and make a statement.

Wt--- After visiting twenty or so blogs, I laughed my ass off reading yours and became an instant fan. And I have stalked from a distance since.

JP--- Alas, I'm afraid I must have been a bit of a letdown on that count. I'm pretty dull by most standards. Work, sleep, Ellie and Jason updates, the odd book news....

Wt--- So, in researching for this interview, I glanced over your FB statuses and saw you had watched The New Normal, or at least the first episode. Have you continued watching?

JP--- I'm afraid I haven't. Jason and I were a little offput by the couple in the pilot. I had a really difficult time reconciling the way gay men were portrayed. Our approach to parenthood is very, very different. Probably because I view being a dad as a sacred duty, something I cherish with my very soul, I was sad that it was portrayed in a way that felt disrespectful and vanity driven.

Wt--- I've been watching it with my wife, and our straight and gay friends, and discussing it. We all love it, but then. . .of course, our POV is different because none of us have children. But I love the characters. But I can understand others wouldn't.

JP--- I imagine they would grow on me if I would give it a chance. I just have a hard time with the idea of the "children as accessories" stereotype. I think that sends a dangerous message and probably isn't really a good representation of the reasons a gay couple might want to have children.

Wt --- I know the show is a little "preaching to the choir", but my hope is that there is enough comedy, and reality in it to get the naysayers to understand "Love is love, and being a parent is about that, and not anything else. "

JP--- I hope so too. I think gay men becoming fathers is still a really exotic idea for a lot of people. We encounter some wide eyes and double takes every now and again, even though we live in a very liberal part of the country.

Wt--- I can imagine, and that saddens my heart. Your daughter, Ellie, is six, and you and Jason have been together for four years, is that right?

JP--- Actually Jason and I have been together for just about three years. He is the most amazing partner I could ever have hoped for. Ellie and I are so lucky to have found him. The two of them became immediately inseparable. I adopted her before Jason and I met.

Wt--- And do you both work full time?

JP--- Jason stays home with Ellie, and I have a day job. He works 100 times harder than I do. I could never do what he does, certainly not with as much love and care. I'd be a wreck inside a week--not to mention what would happen to the house, the yards, the dogs, and Ellie. Talk about utter disaster. Shudder...

Wt--- Do you want writing to become a full time job, or are you happy as is?

JP --- I have to be honest, I like the social stimulation and the challenge of my work. I have a very interesting day job that I love. That being said, I would love to be able to write full time because I have so many stories in my head wanting to get out. There's always retirement, right?

Wt--- That is true. So you currently have two books out: The Heart of the Jungle, which one reviewer compared to an Agatha Christie classic, and To Touch the Stars, which Poppy Dennison, author of Mind Magic, calls "The best book I've read all year!" Are you excited with all the raving people are going over your books?

JP--- I'm still so new at this and learning to believe in myself, so I have to tell you, I cry every time I read a review or someone emails me to tell me they liked my work. True story: I almost didn't write To Touch the Stars yet. I didn't believe I had it in me to do it justice. I'm glad I manned up and gave it a go because I grew immensely as a person in the four months it took to write it.
I am so grateful for all the kindness and welcome I've been shown since being published. I am a little teary thinking about it right now. This is an incredibly supportive community. The publishers, the writers, and especially the readers.

Honestly, that kindness and Jason's support--those are the things that made me believe in myself enough to keep writing after The Heart of the Jungle was accepted.

Wt--- Well, the only thing I've read beside the blog is Brianna, your short for The Heart of the Jungle, which hooked me so I definitively plan getting your books soon. Do you have any conventions or anything planned to promote your books?

JP--- My plans to attend GayRomLit this year were unfortunately sidelined by a business trip to the UK that will occur during the same week. I would like to attend some events next year. I'm actually very shy so I'm hoping the extra time getting my legs under myself will help me come further out of my shell.

I have had the opportunity to meet a few of my fellow Dreamspinner Press authors in a social setting and enjoyed getting to know them immensely. I felt like a commoner among kings--they're all so talented and well known--but they made me feel so welcome. Bless them.

Wt --- Thank you again for taking time to do this. One last question before we go: Is there a question you wished I had asked and/or are there any questions you wished do never be asked again?

JP --- The one question I'm asked often and always like to have come up as a discussion point relates to the lack of erotic content in my work. I bring it up regularly because I don't want readers to feel as if I've failed them somehow by not including it in my stories. As a person, I don't have any moral objections to explicit content. As a writer, it just isn't what I write. One reason I love Dreamspinner Press is that there is room for a lighter touch in their catalog and they're willing to indulge that particular idiosyncrasy of mine. Hopefully, my stories will be strong enough that it won't be missed.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know you and spend some time with you! I have had a great time! 
Jeremy Pack is a writer of fiction about men who happen to be gay. You’re as likely to find him thrilling to a midnight release of the latest popcorn actioner as weeping in the greeting card aisle to a particularly touching Hallmark card. It is these tastes that inform his storytelling. A fan of car chases, heartmelting sentiment, and head scratching puzzles, he strives to pepper his stories with all three.
Born and raised in a small-town in Idaho, Jeremy now resides in the Pacific Northwest with his partner and their weak-in-the-knees-cute, but teenager-precocious six-year-old daughter. Jeremy believes the best part about writing is making connections with readers! Find him on the web at:

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Behind the Camera, an mmmMMMonday interview with Blaine D Arden!!

My name is Wt Prater, and I'm writing this for my blog, Just Write and So Gay. And I'm interviewing Blaine D. Arden for MMMonday. Greeting and salutions.

Blaine --- *waves and settles butt into comfy chair and looks around* Nice to be here

Wt --- So, first question . . . I'm sitting here watching a movie about J K Rowling, named Magic beyond Words starring Poppy Montogomery. What is the name of your movie and who is it starring?

Blaine --- A movie about me? Well, I'd love to title it 'Welcome to my world', but I need a moment to think about who I'd like to play me. Molly Ringwald, I think. And yes, that's because I just browsed IMDb for actresses around my age. I loved 'Pretty in Pink'. It had my first teenage actor crush in it, so, yeah. Molly Ringwald.

Wt --- Awesome. I love Molly Ringwald. Are you a "chick flick" kinda girl?

Blaine --- A bit... yeah. I confess. I love silly romantic movies and dance films. I watched both of those with my boys for years, especially the dance films.

Wt --- What is your fave current chick flick?

Blaine --- Current chick flick? You're not asking much, are you? Lol *goes off to scour IMDb again*

Wt --- I love asking questions others don't. I would say sorry, but I like the digging . . . LOL

Blaine --- One thing about chick flicks is that I never watch them in the cinema, not counting 'Titanic'. So, all I can say is that a couple of nights ago, I saw cute little thing called 'My Life In Ruins'. It's about a travel guide who rediscovers her romantic side on a trip around Greece. Actually, I think I took my boys to see 'Mean Girls' in the cinema, too. So I watch them there more often than I think. 'Titanic' in the cinema was a mistake, though. Far too many giggling teenagers during the last scenes. I can't believe people would giggle at seeing dead people floating in the water *sigh*

Wt --- Have you seen "Easy A" ?

Blaine --- *shakes head* No, sorry. Never heard of it, I'm afraid.

Wt --- It's a great retelling of "The Scarlet Letter" Starring Emma Stone, and the parents are very memorable characters. One of the best movies of 2011 for me.

Blaine --- I had to look it up. I've never seen that one. Might have to look for it now.

Wt --- What makes a memorable character for you, as a writer or as a reader/viewer?

Blaine --- As a writer, I'm not sure I can answer that one. I pretty much just write the characters that live in my head--or rather, that let me live in their skin for a while--they're all memorable to me, though, perhaps, not the evil ones.
As a reader, it's all about characters that resonate in my heart. They don't have to be good or perfect, but something about them grabs me and makes me root for them.
Of course, I'm also the one who tends to fall for the underdog, or broody 'misunderstood' type, so... Snape is one of those memorable characters for me.

Wt --- I love being shocked and/or surprised, so I definitely loved that reveal. Are there characters you've written that you loved to hate or that surprised you with their intentions?

Blaine --- Well, Jason from 'Aliens, Smith and Jones' is one of those love to hate characters. He surprised me by staying longer than I expected him to. He was supposed to be a blind date gone wrong, but... well... he wasn't as easy to get rid of, not once he made his intentions known to me. Without Jason, it wouldn't have been the story it's now, it would have been a sweet little short. So, in a twisted way, I'm glad he stuck around.

Wt --- Very cool. And that's your latest book, right?

Blaine --- Well, actually, a short of mine was released as part of a Storm Moon Press anthology on Friday. To date, 'Aliens, Smith and Jones' is my only novel, though.

The anthology is called 'Carved in Flesh' and is part of a set. This anthology is all about scars and scarification, while it's sister anthology 'Written in Flesh' is all about tattoos.

My contribution is called 'Oren's Right' and is about Veld, a tree elf who has known for years that his mute friend Oren is spoken for; the design of scars spanning Oren's torso reminding him with every look. When Oren's vowed, Haram, is killed, Veld must not only help to prove his own innocence, but also tread carefully as he discovers Oren's Right and Haram's last request.

The other authors in this anthology are Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks, Kaje Harper, Logan Zachary, M.A. Church, and T.C. Mill.

Wt --- So you are published by how many different houses?

Blaine --- Right now, just the one, Storm Moon Press, and I've been very happy to work with them. I do hope to submit to other publishers at some point, though, venture out into the wide world, so to speak.

Wt --- When you were deciding where to get published, why did you choose SMP?

Blaine --- I chose SMP because of one of their anthology calls. I read their 'Weight of the gun' call, about gun porn, and my first thought was "So not going to go there." But... as brains are wont to do, my brain wouldn't let go of the idea and 'The Fifth Son' was born. I submitted it for that anthology, and while they didn't feel it was a good fit for it, they wanted to publish the story anyway. I was at a campsite in the UK when I received the email, and I think the whole campsite could hear me screaming. And so my career as a writer was born. Of course, in the end, because I wrote it for their Christmas call, 'The Forester' came out first.

Wt --- So, when did you start writing, professionally and/or recreationally?

Blaine --- When I was about 12. Little stories and plays about love. I still have most of them. I became more serious about writing when I was about 17, and started writing my first gay fiction. After that, I wrote on and off throughout the years. Didn't finish a whole lot, though, not until I started to do NaNoWriMo in 2005. I failed that year, only wrote 27,500 words, but I finished that novel during the Summer Holidays in 2006. It's still in dire need of editing, but of all my drafts, it's the only non glbt novel in the bunch, so I keep pushing it back.

Wt --- I have been writing since my teens as well, mostly poetry. My greatest inspiration to write "professionally" was GayRomLit last year, where I got to meet a ton of writers who were successful on a variety of levels at writing my kinda stuff, and of course NaNoWriMo every year. Do you have other M/M writers you read fanatically?

Blaine --- Cool. I've written some poetry as well.
I went to the UK Fic Meet last year, before I was officially published and had only one free short under my name. I really loved being together will so many like minded people in one room In two days I'll be travelling to attend this year's UK Fic Meet. Really looking forward to that.
I hope to do GayRomLit at some point, but crossing the ocean isn't in my budget, yet. And I religiously go to the Dutch NaNoWriMo meetings in October and December to celebrate the start and the ending. Met some great friends there.
As for fanatically reading other M/M writers... pfew... How much time do you have? Lol.
I love the works of (not in any specific order): Josh Lanyon, Aleksandr Voinov, KA Mitchell, Kirby Crow, Harper Fox, Jordan Castillo Price, JL Merrow, Amy Lane... err... this list'll be quite long if I keep going. I read a lot, and there are a lot of gems out there, too many for me to list.

Wt --- I really enjoyed investigating your website,  and I know there are lots of juicy bits, other interviews, reviews of books, and stuff. As we wrap up this conversation, are there any questions that you've never been asked that you want to answer or are there any questions that you never want to be asked again?

Blaine --- What I like about living in my country is that I hardly ever get asked why I write gay romance. Oh, some might. But often, just learning that I write, am published, and write in English, evokes admiration more than a need to know why I write what I write. They don't really care what I write. And I like that.
I don't like to be asked what themes I write about, because I really don't know. I hated analysing books in school, and I just write the stories in my head. I don't consciously set out to write a theme, it just slips in as I try to tell my characters' stories. I do like reading what readers get out my stories, themes or otherwise. Every reader picks up something else, and that never fails to make me smile.
As for questions I'm never asked but would like to... there are probably plenty, but none I can think of right now. One thing.... I'm a bit surprised you never asked me who that actor crush was. lol

Wt --- Fair enough. I want to thank you, Blaine, for being the very first author I interview for my blog. And if you're anything like me, I assume it was James Spader. Lol.

Blaine --- LOL Good guess, but no. James was a bit of a bitch in that film, so I didn't take to him until later, much later. My family and I like watching 'Boston Legal' during dinner, and I LOVE him in that. No, I was ever so taken with Andrew McCarthy. Saw him in some recent stuff, still not looking too badly.

Thank you, Will, for this wonderful interview. I had a lot of fun answering your questions. Nice to know I popped your interviewing cherry :p

Blaine is a purple haired, forty-something, writer of gay romance with a love of men, music, mystery, magic, fairies, platform shoes and the colours black, purple and red, who sings her way through life.

Right now, Blaine is working on the second part of her 'The Forester' trilogy, in which the reader will find out a bit more about Taruif, Kelnaht and Ianys as Kelnaht investigates the case of a missing boy.

You can find Blaine at:, @BlaineDArden on twitter, and You can also email her at

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Getting my S**t together!!

So, I'm sure some of noticed the decline in updated my blog over the last few months. There are lots of things I could contributed to that, but the chief of all of them is laziness.So I apologize, and I'm working toward rememdied that both by fighting it harder, and by planning events that will excited me and hopefully excite more people to read this. So, I'm bringing back Flash Fiction, and also scheduling other events to liven and light this blog up! So, my new weekly programming is:
mmmMMMonday - - - featuring interviews with some of my favorite M/M authors
Touched Tuesdays - - - a forum to discuss my influences (TV, Books and Music)
WIP It Wednesday - - - my way of being held accountable by updating you, the reader, weekly
Flash Fiction Friday - - - used to inspire, write and have fun with writers (amateur and professional)
 So, without further ado, here is my project list updated  . . .
1. Exercising His Options FINISHED
2. The Question Game FINISHED and PUBLISHED
3.The Release of the Dragons (3178 words) nothing new
4. A Gender Confused (2362 words) emailed updates to FabVab
5. Carnal Choices (4488 words) nothing new
6. An Alien Encounter (6234 words) nothing new
7. Another Day … (23p, 3991words) BLOGGED
8. Across the World ---Researching
9. Meredith/ Tupla --- (612w) nothing new
10.Rainbow Rage --- (668 words) outlining, nothing new
11. Goldilocks ---Outlining, nothing new
12. A Kindness to Strangers ---Outlining, nothing new
13. What a Dom Wants --- 3rd Draft Work- Due Sept 15th
14. The Dark Side of Day --- Over 20k, nothing new
15. My Father’s Son---Outlined, nothing new
16 Broken, Not Fixed--- Outlined, nothing new
17. Absolute Power ---Outlined, nothing new
18. No Breeders Allowed --- Outlining, 3902 new words
19. Two Week Notice --- (2657 words) nothing new Deadline July 20th
20. The Black --- (2010 words) nothing new, but re-named
21. The Zombie Curse --- typed up (586 words) nothing new
22. Still Enprisoned ---nothing new
23. A Ghost of a Chance --- typed up (960 words) nothing new
24. The Unknown (524 words)
25. Kurt/ Roads Travelled --- A New Novel (1000 words)
So right now, the colors are: Finished Worked on This Week Backburner Work New Project

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My TV "Wish to Watch" List

      For a long time, I have avoided watching TV, except with my family on Sunday nights. I have a few friends in Lebanon who have gathered together every week to "catch up" and watch whatever the majority of us were interested in. So we watched things like Glee, The Glee Project, Spartacus, True Blood, 1 Girl 5 Gays, Girls, Political Animals, Game of Thrones, and The Newsroom. I loved the fact that these shows created conversations, helped us as a family bond together. Even if someone fell asleep (mostly me I admit), we were still together, cocooned in each other's affection. This shows and a few shared movies helped us come together.
     I grew up thinking that watching TV was a solitary event, that it was a way to get away. It was a way to escape the unbearable reality of reality. So when I make the decision to become more socialable, I gave up TV. And for a couple years, I did not watch it at all. And while I'm glad I took that time away, I am glad that I am starting to learn balance. I really enjoy watching some shows by myself, but moreover I love watching shows that I can use to start a discussion.
     So now that I have cable again, I've been exploring everything I'm switchly interested in. I watched Boss, and was not a big fan.I watched Games of thrones, and was bored. I have also learned I am a big fan of great dialogue, which is why I love Spartacus and Bunheads. I also love plots twists and turns which is why I love Once Upon a Time. I tried to watch Grimm, but I found I didn't relate or care about the characters, and I think the same is happening with The Vampire Diaries. My two favorite TV writers right now are Ryan Murphy, which is why Glee, American Horror Story, and The New Normal are all on my watching list; and I love Shonda Rhimes, who created Grey's  Anatomy and Scandal. I am currently watching Switched at Birth, and am getting sorta addicted.  So, right now my TV "wish to watch" schedule is . . .

Switched at Birth Season 1 Sept 3rd
A New Normal Sept 11th
Glee Season 4 Sept 13th
Smash Season 2 Sept 17th
Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Sept 27th
Scandal Season 2 Sept 27th
Dexter Season 8 Sept 30th
Once Upon a Time Season 2 Sept 30th
The Vampire Diaries Season 4 October 11th
The Walking Dead Season 3 October 14th
American Horror Story Season 2 October 17th
Touch Season 2 October 26th
Spartacus Season 4 January 2013
Bunheads Season 2 Spring 2013