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Behind the Camera, an mmmMMMonday interview with Blaine D Arden!!

My name is Wt Prater, and I'm writing this for my blog, Just Write and So Gay. And I'm interviewing Blaine D. Arden for MMMonday. Greeting and salutions.

Blaine --- *waves and settles butt into comfy chair and looks around* Nice to be here

Wt --- So, first question . . . I'm sitting here watching a movie about J K Rowling, named Magic beyond Words starring Poppy Montogomery. What is the name of your movie and who is it starring?

Blaine --- A movie about me? Well, I'd love to title it 'Welcome to my world', but I need a moment to think about who I'd like to play me. Molly Ringwald, I think. And yes, that's because I just browsed IMDb for actresses around my age. I loved 'Pretty in Pink'. It had my first teenage actor crush in it, so, yeah. Molly Ringwald.

Wt --- Awesome. I love Molly Ringwald. Are you a "chick flick" kinda girl?

Blaine --- A bit... yeah. I confess. I love silly romantic movies and dance films. I watched both of those with my boys for years, especially the dance films.

Wt --- What is your fave current chick flick?

Blaine --- Current chick flick? You're not asking much, are you? Lol *goes off to scour IMDb again*

Wt --- I love asking questions others don't. I would say sorry, but I like the digging . . . LOL

Blaine --- One thing about chick flicks is that I never watch them in the cinema, not counting 'Titanic'. So, all I can say is that a couple of nights ago, I saw cute little thing called 'My Life In Ruins'. It's about a travel guide who rediscovers her romantic side on a trip around Greece. Actually, I think I took my boys to see 'Mean Girls' in the cinema, too. So I watch them there more often than I think. 'Titanic' in the cinema was a mistake, though. Far too many giggling teenagers during the last scenes. I can't believe people would giggle at seeing dead people floating in the water *sigh*

Wt --- Have you seen "Easy A" ?

Blaine --- *shakes head* No, sorry. Never heard of it, I'm afraid.

Wt --- It's a great retelling of "The Scarlet Letter" Starring Emma Stone, and the parents are very memorable characters. One of the best movies of 2011 for me.

Blaine --- I had to look it up. I've never seen that one. Might have to look for it now.

Wt --- What makes a memorable character for you, as a writer or as a reader/viewer?

Blaine --- As a writer, I'm not sure I can answer that one. I pretty much just write the characters that live in my head--or rather, that let me live in their skin for a while--they're all memorable to me, though, perhaps, not the evil ones.
As a reader, it's all about characters that resonate in my heart. They don't have to be good or perfect, but something about them grabs me and makes me root for them.
Of course, I'm also the one who tends to fall for the underdog, or broody 'misunderstood' type, so... Snape is one of those memorable characters for me.

Wt --- I love being shocked and/or surprised, so I definitely loved that reveal. Are there characters you've written that you loved to hate or that surprised you with their intentions?

Blaine --- Well, Jason from 'Aliens, Smith and Jones' is one of those love to hate characters. He surprised me by staying longer than I expected him to. He was supposed to be a blind date gone wrong, but... well... he wasn't as easy to get rid of, not once he made his intentions known to me. Without Jason, it wouldn't have been the story it's now, it would have been a sweet little short. So, in a twisted way, I'm glad he stuck around.

Wt --- Very cool. And that's your latest book, right?

Blaine --- Well, actually, a short of mine was released as part of a Storm Moon Press anthology on Friday. To date, 'Aliens, Smith and Jones' is my only novel, though.

The anthology is called 'Carved in Flesh' and is part of a set. This anthology is all about scars and scarification, while it's sister anthology 'Written in Flesh' is all about tattoos.

My contribution is called 'Oren's Right' and is about Veld, a tree elf who has known for years that his mute friend Oren is spoken for; the design of scars spanning Oren's torso reminding him with every look. When Oren's vowed, Haram, is killed, Veld must not only help to prove his own innocence, but also tread carefully as he discovers Oren's Right and Haram's last request.

The other authors in this anthology are Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks, Kaje Harper, Logan Zachary, M.A. Church, and T.C. Mill.

Wt --- So you are published by how many different houses?

Blaine --- Right now, just the one, Storm Moon Press, and I've been very happy to work with them. I do hope to submit to other publishers at some point, though, venture out into the wide world, so to speak.

Wt --- When you were deciding where to get published, why did you choose SMP?

Blaine --- I chose SMP because of one of their anthology calls. I read their 'Weight of the gun' call, about gun porn, and my first thought was "So not going to go there." But... as brains are wont to do, my brain wouldn't let go of the idea and 'The Fifth Son' was born. I submitted it for that anthology, and while they didn't feel it was a good fit for it, they wanted to publish the story anyway. I was at a campsite in the UK when I received the email, and I think the whole campsite could hear me screaming. And so my career as a writer was born. Of course, in the end, because I wrote it for their Christmas call, 'The Forester' came out first.

Wt --- So, when did you start writing, professionally and/or recreationally?

Blaine --- When I was about 12. Little stories and plays about love. I still have most of them. I became more serious about writing when I was about 17, and started writing my first gay fiction. After that, I wrote on and off throughout the years. Didn't finish a whole lot, though, not until I started to do NaNoWriMo in 2005. I failed that year, only wrote 27,500 words, but I finished that novel during the Summer Holidays in 2006. It's still in dire need of editing, but of all my drafts, it's the only non glbt novel in the bunch, so I keep pushing it back.

Wt --- I have been writing since my teens as well, mostly poetry. My greatest inspiration to write "professionally" was GayRomLit last year, where I got to meet a ton of writers who were successful on a variety of levels at writing my kinda stuff, and of course NaNoWriMo every year. Do you have other M/M writers you read fanatically?

Blaine --- Cool. I've written some poetry as well.
I went to the UK Fic Meet last year, before I was officially published and had only one free short under my name. I really loved being together will so many like minded people in one room In two days I'll be travelling to attend this year's UK Fic Meet. Really looking forward to that.
I hope to do GayRomLit at some point, but crossing the ocean isn't in my budget, yet. And I religiously go to the Dutch NaNoWriMo meetings in October and December to celebrate the start and the ending. Met some great friends there.
As for fanatically reading other M/M writers... pfew... How much time do you have? Lol.
I love the works of (not in any specific order): Josh Lanyon, Aleksandr Voinov, KA Mitchell, Kirby Crow, Harper Fox, Jordan Castillo Price, JL Merrow, Amy Lane... err... this list'll be quite long if I keep going. I read a lot, and there are a lot of gems out there, too many for me to list.

Wt --- I really enjoyed investigating your website,  and I know there are lots of juicy bits, other interviews, reviews of books, and stuff. As we wrap up this conversation, are there any questions that you've never been asked that you want to answer or are there any questions that you never want to be asked again?

Blaine --- What I like about living in my country is that I hardly ever get asked why I write gay romance. Oh, some might. But often, just learning that I write, am published, and write in English, evokes admiration more than a need to know why I write what I write. They don't really care what I write. And I like that.
I don't like to be asked what themes I write about, because I really don't know. I hated analysing books in school, and I just write the stories in my head. I don't consciously set out to write a theme, it just slips in as I try to tell my characters' stories. I do like reading what readers get out my stories, themes or otherwise. Every reader picks up something else, and that never fails to make me smile.
As for questions I'm never asked but would like to... there are probably plenty, but none I can think of right now. One thing.... I'm a bit surprised you never asked me who that actor crush was. lol

Wt --- Fair enough. I want to thank you, Blaine, for being the very first author I interview for my blog. And if you're anything like me, I assume it was James Spader. Lol.

Blaine --- LOL Good guess, but no. James was a bit of a bitch in that film, so I didn't take to him until later, much later. My family and I like watching 'Boston Legal' during dinner, and I LOVE him in that. No, I was ever so taken with Andrew McCarthy. Saw him in some recent stuff, still not looking too badly.

Thank you, Will, for this wonderful interview. I had a lot of fun answering your questions. Nice to know I popped your interviewing cherry :p

Blaine is a purple haired, forty-something, writer of gay romance with a love of men, music, mystery, magic, fairies, platform shoes and the colours black, purple and red, who sings her way through life.

Right now, Blaine is working on the second part of her 'The Forester' trilogy, in which the reader will find out a bit more about Taruif, Kelnaht and Ianys as Kelnaht investigates the case of a missing boy.

You can find Blaine at:, @BlaineDArden on twitter, and You can also email her at


  1. Fun interview! I don't do chick flicks or teen flicks but I LOVED Easy A. Emma Stone is absolutely adorable.

  2. Thanks, Vanessa :)
    I'm definitely going to check out Easy A!

    As for the chick flicks... what can I say? I'm a sucker for romance straight and/or quiltbag :)

  3. I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed reading your interview Blaine. I am going to be adding your novel to my to be read list on goodreads :)