Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My TV "Wish to Watch" List

      For a long time, I have avoided watching TV, except with my family on Sunday nights. I have a few friends in Lebanon who have gathered together every week to "catch up" and watch whatever the majority of us were interested in. So we watched things like Glee, The Glee Project, Spartacus, True Blood, 1 Girl 5 Gays, Girls, Political Animals, Game of Thrones, and The Newsroom. I loved the fact that these shows created conversations, helped us as a family bond together. Even if someone fell asleep (mostly me I admit), we were still together, cocooned in each other's affection. This shows and a few shared movies helped us come together.
     I grew up thinking that watching TV was a solitary event, that it was a way to get away. It was a way to escape the unbearable reality of reality. So when I make the decision to become more socialable, I gave up TV. And for a couple years, I did not watch it at all. And while I'm glad I took that time away, I am glad that I am starting to learn balance. I really enjoy watching some shows by myself, but moreover I love watching shows that I can use to start a discussion.
     So now that I have cable again, I've been exploring everything I'm switchly interested in. I watched Boss, and was not a big fan.I watched Games of thrones, and was bored. I have also learned I am a big fan of great dialogue, which is why I love Spartacus and Bunheads. I also love plots twists and turns which is why I love Once Upon a Time. I tried to watch Grimm, but I found I didn't relate or care about the characters, and I think the same is happening with The Vampire Diaries. My two favorite TV writers right now are Ryan Murphy, which is why Glee, American Horror Story, and The New Normal are all on my watching list; and I love Shonda Rhimes, who created Grey's  Anatomy and Scandal. I am currently watching Switched at Birth, and am getting sorta addicted.  So, right now my TV "wish to watch" schedule is . . .

Switched at Birth Season 1 Sept 3rd
A New Normal Sept 11th
Glee Season 4 Sept 13th
Smash Season 2 Sept 17th
Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Sept 27th
Scandal Season 2 Sept 27th
Dexter Season 8 Sept 30th
Once Upon a Time Season 2 Sept 30th
The Vampire Diaries Season 4 October 11th
The Walking Dead Season 3 October 14th
American Horror Story Season 2 October 17th
Touch Season 2 October 26th
Spartacus Season 4 January 2013
Bunheads Season 2 Spring 2013

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  1. Patrick and I will definitely be watching the Walking Dead with you. :) I've been catching up so I'll be ready for the new season!