Friday, August 17, 2012

The Idiot's Guide to Christianity,the Bible, and Homosexuality

      OK, so this is one of the only posts I will ever make about this subject. I am an American, although i am not overtly patriotically. I am Agnostic, but my religious worship includes lots of beliefs from lots of religions, but mostly Christianity. I am a homosexual, that includes both of the categories of who I have sex with and whom I love.
     Now, I'm gonna blow some minds here, but try and stay with me. Fred Phelps says God Hates Fags, and some Christians agree with this statement, there are also some who do not. That is not the question. Here it is: What makes one a "fag"? Currently, I do not have a partner so I have virtually no sex, so I'm a eunuch, right? Now, some will say that I sin each time I think a homosexual thought, but if there is no action . . .See where I'm gonna? Action or thought, what makes the sin? My question is: If as a person, you wish death/judgment upon me, aren't you committing murder, because you thought it?
     There are those that use the bible to defend their hatred, anger, and ignorance. Jesus did not. I use it to support my love. I do believe that The Bible is the Word of God, as much as I believe in Jesus, and Buddha, and Bacchus. And I believe that if homosexuality were the issue, the most important issue, as some Christians try and tell it, then Jesus Christ himself would have addressed it in one of his many sermons. But throughout the four books that we read Jesus's story from four very differing points of views there is no mention whatsoever of this most heinous sin.
     There are several examples of gay couples throughout the bible that were not destroyed, but actually blessed by God. I would list those here, but I think that if you study your bible with the openness God grants, the truth will be reveled. In each of those couples, it does not mention sex, although one man strips bare in front of another, and pledges his love. But in each of these stories, love and devotion are key.
     And one quick point about the times the bible does mention homosexuality: There are six suppose references to Homosexuality in the bible. Each one I have been given that say "homosexuality" is a sin, but each time it is mentioned in cohesion with other sins. IF Homosexuality were the issue some Christians make it, it would be spoken of in the Ten Commands, the ultimate rules of the game of life.
     In conclusion, I have fought and continue to fight to "Love my brother as myself", "Love the Lord, my God, above all things", and "Let no debt remain outstanding, except for the love that you have for one another. That is how people will know you are my disciples." Sorry, if this are slightly paraphrased, but they are thoughts that run through my head and my memory constantly, not exact quotes.
     Regarding any businesses, I don't care if a business runs opposite my beliefs, that is their choice, as it is mine to choice to support them or not. Mostly, I choose to support businesses that do not discriminate against anyone. Period.
     However there is a line crossed when any business, regardless of its size, status, or location, that states it believes in one thing, but proves its hypocrisy by funding unethical, and in this case, un-Christian practices. I do not believe God supports genocide, discrimination, or slaughter. I believe in a God of mercy, peace, and love. FOR ALL PEOPLE. PERIOD.

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