Friday, June 29, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: And What a Twisted Memory I Have . . .

This week's theme: And What a Twisted Memory I Have . . .

When Judging, these are two of the MUSTS for this one: It must be based on a real memory AND there must be a twist.THESE ELEMENTS MUST BE PRESENT IN ALL ENTRIES!!! Just remember 100 words exactly.

Have your family your family, friends, and whatever and vote for the best story (perhaps yours) by leaving comments Friday or early Saturday (voting cuts off at 6 pm Central Saturday) . If you or anyone you know can not comment, simply email me at  and I will count those votes before I announce anything saturday.

And now the entries:

     Back in the early ‘80s (before fancy electronics like GPS) my mom, sister, and I drove from Colorado to New York. The child in the front seat was the navigator, reading the map and watching the road signs. At one point my mother said, “Look for Highway 80.” After several minutes I said: “I see it! 280 is in two exits.”

     “Not 280! 80!” She yelled.

     “No, I know, but the sign says 280,” I said.

     “We’re not taking 280!” she yelled. She was red in the face from anger.

     “T.O. 80! That way,” I said, pointing.

     “Oh,” she said. ---Author Kyle Mankles

     She looked past her toes. The water was so far away. Miles, ok maybe not miles but it was a long way down. If she jumped the plunge would take forever. What if she changed her mind on the way down?

      There were people down there. She could just make out their faces, but she really couldn’t hear what they were yelling at her. She decided to do it. Adrenaline coursed through her veins. She entered the water like a bullet. Strong hands we around her rib cage, lifting her up.

     “See Suzie jumping off the dock wasn’t so hard” ---Author Laura Medeiros

     I was pinned to the bathroom counter. I could not move. My face was a mess of drool, snot, and tears. My hair covered my eyes and I was generally a hot mess.

     Someone was fucking me from behind. Hard. I started to float. She stopped to switch out the strap on, from large to extra large.

     "Do you think she can take it?"

     "She'll swallow this up."

     I jerked awake, covered in sweat. A Dream. I stumbled to the kitchen and as I was pouring my coffee, burst into tears.

     "That's it. Let go. Cry for me." She said. ---Author Kitten Blue

     Cruising on a rural highway, just under the speed limit. Then there’s a cop behind me. WTF! Where did he come from?

     No worries. I’m legal.

     Pulls beside me. I look over. It’s not a guy, but a busty babe. She looks at me for a few moments, then drops back.

     Pulls me over. Out of the car and to the passenger side for a pat down.

     She opens both doors with us between them. A quick pat down. “Drop your pants.”


     Turns me around, bare breasts showing. Gives me a world-class blowjob.

     Leaves with “have a nice day!” ---Author Gary Smith

     Waking up in my bed once again with you on my mind. We were together as soul mates for 11 years until something stronger than both of us drove us apart.

     Lately you are so on my mind, I hear you, feel you and touch you. You seem to be all around me even though we have been apart for two years

     So on my mind but so afraid of what I may find.

     have you moved on, or stayed like me, behind

     I chance a Google search: Out pops your obituary!!!

     R.I.P. my love~ Phillip Strom ---Author Cheryl Moore

     It’s really kind of funny how your mind plays tricks on you as you age. Things you thought happened that really weren’t as you remember.

     Last year I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in many years, and as we reminisced, I recalled we had slept together. When I pointed this out, she turned very red and angry, slapped my face and stomped away in a fury. That’s when I remembered why we hadn’t talked in years… it
was her SISTER I had slept with one drunken night.

     Oh well, give her a few years, she’ll forget again. ---Author Richard Garrison


  1. Most intriguing is Entry 3. So that's my vote.

  2. Richards story amused me so number six

  3. This was a difficult topic. I'm better with the fiction stuff. I guess I could have made up a story and said it was true . . . but that's not how I roll.

  4. I agree kyle, my brain laughed at me when I tried to think of a story to enter.

  5. Entry #2 for me. I don't have friends that write to invite to read these but it got me to finally write, so thanks will.