Friday, June 22, 2012

WIP (Week #3) Thank you for your accountability!!

So the weekly goal is at least 7,000 words (1,000 per day). For the last few weeks, I have found excuses for not reaching this goals. Starting two weeks ago, I decided to use the 34 people following this blog for wonderful beings of accountability. So, while I still failed my goal of 7k, I did at least write around 2k in new words, including picking up some projects that have been on the backburner too long. Next week, I plan to have even more purple . . .working my way toward more green. So, please, everyone reading, don't be afraid to challenge me. I love knowing that you're there, and YOU ALL are the reason I'm pushing myself harder. Thank you for that!
The list looked something like this:
1. Exercising His Options --- 11k (Finished)
2. The Question Game --- 6 Chapters Finished, 6 more To Go (1500 new words written)
3. The Release of the Dragons --- YA --- Outlined, 3178 words written
4. Edo & Tracy, A Gender Confused --- 2k Written, co-writing with VAB ( 243 new words)
5. Carnal Choices --- Around 4k written, half-finished
6. An Alien Encounter --- 7k written, half-finished
7. Another Day in the Life of Someone, Poetry (working on gathering and typing up 75 poems)
8. Across the World, Aussie slang, told in IM. --- Researching
9. Tupla/Meredith --- 612 Words written
10. Rainbow Rage ---Comic Book idea, outlining
11. Goldilocks and the Three Bears ---Outlining
12. A Kindness to Strangers ---Outlining
13. What a Dom Wants --- BDSM ---Idea Stewing
14. The Dark Side of Day --- Outline Written, Over 20k Written (First novel???)
15. My Father's Son --- First Series --- Second Novel --- Outlined
16. Broken, Not Fixed ---First Series --- Third Novel --- Outlined

17. Absolute Power ---First Series --- Fourth Novel --- Outlined
18. No Breeders Allowed --- Second Series --- First Book --- The 2050 Series
19. Two Weeks Notice --- 2k, Half Finished
20. Attempted --- 1k 
21. The Zombie Curse --- YA ---1k
22. Still Enprisoned A prison tale ---Erotic --- 1k
23. Dylan and Jason, A Untraditional ghost story. --- 1k

So right now, the colors are: Finished    Worked on This Week   Backburner Work     New Project


  1. A step towards a goal is still a step in the right direction. Congrats for that! :)

  2. I don't see enough green on here yet...

    *hides her own WIP pages*



  3. We should chat about the "What a Dom Wants" idea next time we get together, I think that would be a fun and interesting conversation. Maybe it would be a good push to get you started on that project.

    -Canyu Limbo