Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tomorrow . . . Freaky Flash Fiction Friday!

I'm declaring tomorrow Flash Fiction Friday on my blog. The idea is simple. . . I will give you the title/theme . . . You will write a story 100 words long (no more, no less) . . . and then we'll let the audience decide who best captured the title/theme. And guess what? There are prizes, other then maybe self-discipline and a seed for a new story, or stories. Who wants to challenge themselves and others?

The theme will be announced be announced Thursday around 4pm and ANYONE can enter a story until around 3 pm Central Time Friday. You can enter by writing a story the length stated above and emailing that story to by 3 pm Central Time Friday. I will then post all the entries on the my blog Friday afternoon. Ask your friends and family to come read all the entries, and vote for the best one by leaving comments (Only one vote per comment, please) . I will go through the comments and post the winner Saturday afternoon. I reserve the right to bring in other off-line judges if there are not enough comments.

****One entry per author, please****
**** Warning: If your entry is less or more than 100 words (hyphenated words are counted separately), it will not be posted. PERIOD. And I will deal with spacing issues, but otherwise, I will not edit or correct spelling or grammar. ****

And this week's prizes: Lots of keychain floggers and a pair of shoestring floggers that look fantastic under black lights.

This week's theme is : The inspiration crept in . . .

You can write about whatever you what regarding that theme, just keep it inspirational (what inspires you?) , creepy and unpredictable. Just remember 100 words exactly. Have fun and get to writing!

My Example:

     Love is a scary thing, especially when you’re in it.

     She was so beautiful that every time I got around her, I stopped breathing, literally. I wanted to ask her on a date. Get her number. Something. But fear held me tightly.

     Until the night I saw her walking. I stopped to offer her a ride home. She freaked. She shouldn’t have run. I was trying to be a gentleman. I didn’t mean to hit her with my car. And then, I had no choice but to put her in the trunk.

     I can’t believe she’s here. All locked up.

SO YOU'RE ENTERING . . . Thanks! And some last minute helpful tips!


2. Comment below on Thursday, saying, "I'm in" or "I wanna" or something like that so I can keep an eye out for your e-mail.

3. Email your story to by 3 pm Central Time Friday. (Voting will begin after the stories are posted, around 4 pm Friday. )

4. Have your family your family, friends, and whatever and vote for the best story (perhaps yours) by leaving comments Friday or early Saturday (voting cuts off at 3 pm Central Saturday) .  If you or anyone you know can not comment, simply email me at the above email and I will count those votes before I announce anything saturday.

5. Come back Saturday after 3pm and check out / congratulation the winner.


  1. Oh, Spunky is cackling like a madman intent on unleashing demons in the name of world domination.

    So I guess that means I'm in. :)


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    1. Did you send in your entry? because I'm checking my email and . . .

  3. I will do my best to be 'in'. Still recovering from knee surgery.

    Question: What rating can these be?

  4. I'm in ... will be thinking over night!

  5. Already wrote and sent in my entry. :) I guess I got...wait for it...inspired. LOL

  6. I'm in...well, at least my entry will be in.

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    1. Did you send in your entry? because I'm checking my email and . . .

  8. In and submitted.

  9. I'm in, cutting it a little close :D Just sent mine to you.