Friday, June 8, 2012

About last night . . .

     Anyone who knows me knows that in "Convention mode" I party late. So it was no surprise when I got back to my hotel room at Holiday Inn Select and found  the curtains pulled shut and all three of my roommates hard at buzzing lumber. Generally snoring doesn't knew me awake. But tonight, I couldn't sleep, so I laid in bed eating Pringles, and reading a book on my computer.
     The faucet in the bathroom, which was right next to my bed, keep dripping. So I got up and turned the knob as tight as I could, left the bathroom light on, then climbed back into bed. I glanced in the mirror, which was on the wall directly between the bedroom and bathroom so it reflected both depending on your angle.
     As the clock turned 2.22 am., the water faucet in the bathroom turned on full blast. As I looked in the mirror, there appeared to be a lady getting ready for bed. The only problem was my roommates were already asleep. Oh, and I could see through her. I shook my head and pinched myself to make sure I wasn't asleep.
     When I looked back at the mirror, she had finished whatever she was doing, and was headed for me. Well, for the bedroom area. I pulled the covers as far up as they would go, and tried to act like I was asleep, while keeping my eyes cracked so I could watch her. She floated gently through the room, and then paused at the curtains. She turned around, glanced around the room, and then, as if the window there open, she jumped.
     I had no idea what to do, so I quickly and quietly got out of bedroom and ran to the window.
     I pulled the curtains open with a quickness, only to find her there on the other side of glass, staring at me with blank, lifeless eyes.
     I slammed both sets of curtains closed. And then I slipped to the floor, back against the window, trying to pray.

(Story inspired by Creepy Pasta, Kayla and Ruby)

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  1. really really realllllyyyy hope this one was fiction since I was in the same hotel!