Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Never Give Up, Never Surrender !

     It's easy to feel like a failure in life. I mean, life keeps rushing by, and especially if you're like me you make big goals, and have every intention of fulfilling them. But sometimes these goals are unrealistic, or they need baby steps to fulfill. And then reality kicks in as well: Life is unpredictable. The time you thought you would use rushing to write became time that you used volunteering at an event, or eating, or helping a friend with a problem. And while everything can be an excuse, sometimes priorities shift or laziness gets in the way. The question is: What do you do after that?
     After you've realized that you've accomplished nothing on your "To Do List", what do you do? Do you throw the list away and start fresh? Or do you fight to stick with that list and get everything done even if it's late? Or do you give up, and beat yourself up for being laziness or distracted, while doing nothing to change it?
     If you picked either of the first two options, you are not a failure. The only failure is giving up. Period. In all honesty, you are never a failure as long as you push yourself to do Something no matter how little. Do something.
     I have tried many different ways to get myself to set and achieve realistic goals. Some ways worked better then others. I have learned that the best way for me to do this is for me to tell others of my goals, to keep a written account of what I've done and what I'm doing, and then to reward myself for accomplishing certain things.
     For myself, NEVER GIVE UP must be set on repeat in my head. Because I am my own hardest judge, jury, and executioner. And I have to give myself some slack.
     With all this said, I will be working on W.I.P. it Wednesday! but I can sadly report no progress on any of my writing projects in the last week, but that WILL change this week. Period. 


  1. LOVE the idea of WIP it Wednesdays! Awesome sauce.

    1. Thank you for keeping me inspired, in knowing that people are reading this and holding me accountable. Love you Alex!