Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The First Official "WIP it" Wednesday

     So. . . recently, I started a list of all the various projects I was working on. I wanted a list so I could see if I was working, and what I was working on. I wanted a reference for all works I have been working on for the last six months. And what I have realized is that I have worked on a lot of different projects, but I think my fear and/or my ADD is stopping me from finishing anything/ everything. So . . . I'm building a base of accountability. And you, unwittingly have become it . . . And so Wednesday was becomes WORK IN PROGRESS or "WIP IT" WEDNESDAY!

The list looked something like this:

1. Exercising His Options --- 11k (Finished)
2. The Question Game --- 6 Chapters Finished, 6 more To Go
3. The Release of the Dragons --- YA --- Outlined, 3178 words written
4. Edo & Tracy, A Gender Confused ---  2k Written, co-writing with VAB 
5. Carnal Choices --- Around 4k written, half-finished
6. An Alien Encounter --- 7k written, half-finished 
7. Another Day in the Life of Someone, Poetry (lots of Poetry, needs organized)
8. Across the World, Aussie slang, told in IM. --- Researching
9. Tupla/Meredith --- 612 Words written
10. Rainbow Rage ---Comic Book idea, outlining
11. Goldilocks and the Three Bears ---Outlining 
12. A Kindness to Strangers ---Outlining 
13. What a Dom Wants  --- BDSM ---Idea Stewing
14. The Dark Side of Day --- Outline Written, Over 20k Written (First novel???)
15. My Father's Son --- First Series --- Second Novel --- Outlined
16. Broken, Not Fixed ---First Series --- Third Novel --- Outlined
17. Absolute Power ---First Series --- Fourth Novel --- Outlined
18. No Breeders Allowed --- Second Series --- First Book --- The 2050 Series
19. Two Weeks Notice --- 2k, Half Finished
20. Attempted --- 1k  
21. The Zombie Curse --- YA ---1k  
22. Still Enprisoned A prison tale ---Erotic --- 1k
23. Dylan and Jason, A Untraditional ghost story. --- 1k

So right now, the colors are:  Finished      Worked on This Week   
Backburner Work    New Project

I will be updating this list, changing and revising each Wednesday. I may add colors. And if you have suggestions of questions, please ask me. And using this list you will have first hand knowledge of what I'm doing to accomplish my dream of becoming an established author! Thanks for reading.


  1. awesome idea! I look forward to seeing a lot more green on this list!

  2. I agree with Julie - I'm looking forward to more green on this list. And seeing your name on the Author lists for next year's GRL, so I can say I knew you 'when'. :D


  3. Yes more green. Good luck with your work. Hope the WIP it works for you.