Saturday, October 6, 2012

An plea, and then the walk . . .

Hey guys and gals,
                  Wt Prater here. Just updating ya'll on something that is important to me. Approximately eight hours from now I will be walking/ running 3.1 miles for the charity Nashville Cares. Now I don't know my body won't sleep, it could I'm nervous or energetic or just anxious over other things, but it struck that that is how life is. There is always something more important, more emotional, or more pressing in life. But this time, there isn't. This is a matter of life or death. Maybe not to me at this point. But to someone to needs education about HIV/AIDS and receives that from Nashville Cares. Or maybe someone out there about to have sex with condoms they got from Nashville Cares. Or most importantly, someone who couldn't afford their medicine that Nashville Cares helped. I know there are a lot of organizations that you support, and every one of them is important. Just keep Nashville Cares in your thoughts and in your budget when you're thinking about what affects you and your loved ones the most. Thank you so much for all of you who have sponsored me thus far, helping restore my faith in giving. So thank you to . . . Dennis and Dawn Pozzi, Ramona Richards, Tara Lain, Hani Steele, J P Barnaby, Karen  Candido-Johnson, Kathy Kozakewich, Ms FairyTat, Kristi Riftin, Allison Cassatta, Hani Stelle and Rowan Speedwell and anonymous. Becuase  of all of you, I have got so much closer to my aspiration. I'm hoping this letter will reach each of you, and you will understand how special you are to me. And for anyone who haven't given there, there is still time. GO RIGHT NOW! Thanks for your help, know karma is coming your way, and so are my thoughts and blessings! ---Wt Prater

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