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Soft, Sexy, Sweet, and Shy... An mmmMonday Interview with Andy Slayde and Ali Wilde!!!

Wt --- This is Wt Prater, and I'm here today interviewing Andy Slayde and Ali Wilde for my blog Just Write and SO Gay. Good evenings, my darlings. Thank you for being here with me this evening.

Andy --- Thank you for having us. Luckily the time zones didn't get in the way too much.

Ali --- Hi Wt. Thanx for having us. It's early afternoon here.

Wt --- I know it's 10pm here, what time is it where you are?

Andy --- 11:16pm Wednesday here.

Ali --- And it's 12:47pm, Thursday the 27th here.

Andy --- I was just going to say that. I know your time well, better than my own.

Wt --- So, Ali, you're in Australia?

Ali --- I am. 28C today, warm, sunny... a slight breeze. Kids on school holidays, sleeping in. What a life.

Andy --- 17c here and rainy here in upstate New York.

Wt --- WOW! So awesome . . . So first question: How in the world (pun intended) did you two meet and become writing partners?

Ali --- We were both part of an online fanfic writing community and there was a prompt that didn't really spark any bunnies. I gave Andy the prompt of 'penguin pyjamas' and she wrote a lovely 100 word ficlet. I thought that ficlet couldn't go unanswered and wrote another. A few thousand ficlets later we decided to write original fiction... and here we are.

Andy --- Because I can write anything dealing with penguin pajamas. :o)

Wt --- Is it generally how the writing happens with you guys? The campfire continuum connection?

Andy --- Yes. It's not so rigid where we know exactly what the other will write. We have a set outline for the story but what ever the characters say or do is a surprise at times. It has gotten us into trouble more than once. But oddly, we have more issues with Aussie/American terminology.

Wt --- So, in researching . . . it looks like you two have 13 short stories. And all of those were published through Torquere Press, is that right?

Ali --- Yes, 12 with Torquere and one with Silver. Most are out of print and they will be getting a bit of a brush and tidy up. The one with Silver has been out for about 3 weeks and is called How Was He Supposed to Know?

Wt --- Having just sold my first story, to Torquere Press coincidentally, is that your preferred press?

Andy --- Congrats! We don't have a preferred press, we've only been with them and wanted to experience other presses. We saw Silver's call for the Hanky Code line and wanted to write for it.

Ali --- Congratulations. I'm sure you'll find working with them rewarding.

Wt --- Regarding your latest story, How Was He Supposed to Know, what was it like to study the hanky code? And curiosity strikes, the hanky code is not very active here in Nashville. Is it still active where you each live?

Ali --- It's actually not the first time we've looked into the hanky code. A few years ago a friend wrote a story that included elements of it and we looked into it then, with her. I find it interesting and my outlook on it is a little like Reece's. I can see all the things that might go wrong if someone doesn't know about it.

Andy --- I am so in line with Reece - one of the characters in the story - I'd need a color chart with all the meanings. And I can see a mix up happening because someone thinks a hanky is light blue and it's really turquoise... I live in dairy farm land and while hankies are used often, they are not, as far as I know, used in that respect.

Ali --- Adding to the hanky answer. I have no idea. I'm a married, straight female who doesn't get out much. Probably not, Adelaide isn't a big place and, as far as I know, there aren't a lot of gay bars and the like around. Mind you, a lot more clubs and pubs are becoming GLBT friendly - or say they are.

Andy --- I didn't see any hankies at The Water Works when I was there. I did ask a friend of mine if the hanky code was used around here and he just laughed at me. Might be different in New York City.

Wt --- A funny story, well sorta. A friend of mine who just moved here from Seattle presented me with a green hanky. And when I asked, "Why?" He said he saw me as a Daddy Bear. The humorous part is that when the Bear community, one of the various communities that uses the hanky code, was active, I would have been identified as a chaser.

Ali --- LOL!

Andy --- That's interesting because there isn't a set color chart for the meanings. Green in our story means something different.

Wt --- Scary, LOL!

Andy --- And not only do you need the right color but you need the right pocket as well. I can see mix ups happening.

Wt --- Are there characters that cross over from one short to another? And sorta, on that note, are there any plans for a full length novel in the future?

Ali --- I love crossover characters. It gives me a chance to revisit my favourite boys. We have several that make - or will make - appearances in other stories. Zed and Alex are definite favourites because they can do so much. They have money and Zed, especially, has a ‘don't give a damn’ attitude.
Cameron and Ajay will be making more appearances, as will Avery, Ten and Riley.
Thad turns up a lot. He seems to be our random single that has lots of boyfriends 'cause he's hot and funny and nice. He'll settle down soon.
We have the city of Summerset where we set stories, so I'm sure all these characters will bump in to one another at some stage. The hardest thing to get right is the timeline.

Andy --- Just Lucky That Way is our longest story, 45k I believe. But I can see us writing 50k+ novels. That drabble story we started was over 500k and nowhere near finished.

Ali --- Plans for a full length novel are there. It will take ages to write but I have no doubt it will be good fun. So, yes. In the future I'm sure there will be something long and involved from us.

Andy --- We just need to not have a deadline for it. Deadlines are our bane. With the time difference, we only have a few hours a day to write together. We have several ideas brewing for stories and some are easily novels/series. Even some YA stories.

Wt --- Ali, on a side note, I understand Australia has a huge Browncoat population. Are you now or have you ever been one?

Ali --- I have never been a Browncoat and, until a few seconds ago, I didn't even know what one was. I have never seen FireFly and have no idea what the story is. Don't hate me...

Andy --- Browncoat - I am huge FireFly fan. I still mourn the loss...Objects in Space and Out of Gas are my favorite episodes. LOL, oh Ali... Firefly is awesome. Joss Whedon is brilliant. Loved Buffy and Angel as well. And I think he did an excellent job with The Avengers and look forward to the sequel.

Ali --- I have never watched any of those shows. Computer... TV? Hmm, computer entertains me so much more. Australian programming leaves a lot to be desired. FireFly wasn't even on Free To Air.

Wt --- Andy, you have won the Freaky Flash Fiction Friday contest twice. How does it feel to be the reigning champion?

Andy --- Awesome! I love prompt drabbles. That is how Ali and I met. It's a nice challenge and such an honor to win twice.

Wt --- So, now I will turn you to each other. What is the biggest thing you have learned from each other?

Andy --- Jelly is not something you'd want to put on toast in Australia.

Ali --- Pudding is way different in Australia than it is in USA.

Andy ---  I have learned so much from Ali. Aside from the cultural differences, our writing has grown, we've grown. LOL, oh the great pudding fiasco of 2006.

Ali --- That there are way better Pringle flavours in America than Australia, and Pringles are cheaper there. And Reece's Peanut Butter Cups exist!

Andy --- I am so used to British/Aussie terms that I haven't a clue at times if a term is American or not. Ah, but you have Tim Tams and Cherry Ripe and Vegemite - which is awesome in stock and sauces.

Wt --- LOL. I've had Vegemite. . .and . . .that is all.

Andy --- Me too and I would agree, I do not care for it on toast. However, it is awesome in stock or sauces, just a wee bit adds a nice rich flavor. And, naturally, omit salt.

Ali --- How did you eat your vegemite?

Wt --- I ate it straight, just a little bit.

Ali --- Don't eat it straight. On toast, thinly spread and with butter. Not even Aussies eat vegemite straight. That's for yummy things like peanut butter.

Andy --- Oh, God, no! You need to spread just a wee thin layer on a cracker or toast - salt overload otherwise.

Ali --- I have learned that Andy is insane, her mind is always working on some odd plot or another. She needs holding back sometimes. She is brilliant, doesn't get too annoyed when I tell her something won't work, and we laugh a lot. We have both improved with regards to our writing and editing and everything else that goes with it. She's the arty one, I'm the grammar Nazi and it seems to work.

Andy --- LOL so true. I do get the odd plot ideas. And there is a lot of trust between us. We are each willing to take a chance on the other's idea.

Wt --- Are either and/or both of you going to be at GRL (Gay Rom Lit)?

Ali --- No. I can't afford to leave Adelaide at the moment. Just returned from Victoria. Oh God, a flight to anywhere more than an hour away would kill me. I'd need some good drugs.

Andy --- And yet you want me to fly 25+ hours to visit you? (Points at Ali) No, not this year. Hopefully next year. I had knee surgery over the summer and am still dealing with PT and not ready for a flight anywhere.

Ali -- That's YOU flying, not me.

Andy --- LOL, someday I'll make it over there. I want to see a wombat. I am convinced that all the snakes will be there to welcome me once I get off the plane. They’ll be stamping my passport...

Ali --- They weren't at the airport when I was there last.

Andy --- Yes, but I am a snake magnet. Hmm, we went off on a tangent didn't we?

Ali --- As we tend to...

Wt --- I hate snakes (Wt says, as he elbows his way back into the conversation.)

Andy --- I have a snake phobia and it's not fun or pretty.

Ali --- Yes, it is. Makes for great teasing and YouTube funnies.

Andy --- LOL true. I am a fan of Schadenfreude. I can laugh at myself once I am removed from whatever caused the snake panic attack.

Wt --- Ok, so as we wrap this up, I want to thank both of you for taking the time to hang with me tonight.

Ali --- No probs. It was fun and thank you for having us.

Andy --- Thank you, it was fun.

Wt --- Last question, are there any questions you wanted asked that I didn't and/or are there any questions that you are so sick of answering?

Ali --- Questions that make us sound way more influential and interesting than we are.

Andy --- LOL. But going off on a tangent is fun too

Ali --- Things about world domination and the end of mankind, that sort of thing. No? Okay then.

Andy --- I'm an Aquarius on a Pisces cusp and like walks in the moonlight. I can't think of anything but if anyone has questions after reading this, we'll be happy to answer them.

Ali --- Wt, I think you did an awesome job with what you had and what we gave you and thank you very much for taking your time to do this.

Andy --- Yes, you did great and it was a lot of fun.

Wt --- Thank you both.

Ali lives in a pretty Adelaide suburb close to everything she needs to be close to: shopping malls and the city. Her small house is shared by her partner, two rapidly growing children and two budgies. She has been writing with Andy Slayde for ages and has learned a lot about the American language. She loves Pringles, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp and penguins. She hates referring to herself in the third person and will, therefore, stop this.

Andy Slayde lives in a small rural town in Upstate New York with her dog, three cats, goldfish and one mean African Grey parrot. She's been writing with Ali Wilde, who lives in South Australia, for ages. As a result, Andy tends to forget if it's a trash can or a rubbish bin. And with a difference of 13.5 to 15.5 hours, she tends to be a bit time-zone impaired, as well.

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  1. Well it sounds like you both have a lot of fun writing. I have to admit that I haven't had the chance to read anything of yours yet but I plan to change that soon. Thanks for doing the interview and letting us get to know ya'll better.