Thursday, May 9, 2013

Write It Forward Project and thanks again. . .

"Don't write unless it's a compulsion you can't overcome."  --Author Bonnie McCune

      So . . .as many of you know, I held a workshop last weekend for people who are serious about writing and having projects published. The workshop was small and allowed for a lot of interaction regarding the research I do, which is a project I call Write It Forward.
      Nowadays, it feels like the internet is growing bigger and bigger and it is very easy to get lost. So I wanted to help however I could. And to that end I started this project. It's mission statement is very simple: To make it easier on the next generation of writers (and maybe even the current gen, too).
      So I did my first survey of writers, asking them what their most useful websites are, what blogs give great advice, and which sites they use for networking with other authors. I also asked for their advice to new authors and if they used writing tools and which ones were the most useful. Then I collected all their data and compiled it together and gave it to other authors, people who had yet to publish anything.
       Doing this survey re-enforced my feelings about my author friends being helpful and overall willing to share their experiences. But I was completely surprised how much I learned (and have to learn) by doing this survey. From the tools I didn't know existed to the blogs that will probably change my writing forever, I am so grateful to all the people who were a part of what I call "The Five" survey.
       In fact, this process has changed me so much I want to learn more and help more, so very soon I will be putting out "The Next Five" survey which will be five more questions that will help authors better navigate the waters of the web and hopefully help the Write It Forward project even farther.
       So, if you are interested in being a part of this incredible project, Join us on FaceBook (the only place the group currently exists . . .RIGHT NOW. . . .) Hope to see you there, whether you want to know something or you have something to share. 
       This will be the only place I post the answers to all the questions I ask in the survey, so please come and join us. This project I hope will be on tremendous value to me and hope to many others.

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