Thursday, November 8, 2012

W I P Wednesday, (A Day late, BUT Not a Dollar Short!)

So . . .it's back. For a while, every Wednesday i was updating this list which is my Works in Progress list. And some people wanted me to go back to it, so here it is. Updated and pretty. And starting next weekend, I'm going to be going through the Special Calls and assigning deadlines for some of these projects. So check out the website, and get some inspiration of your own. And if you want to give feedback, cheer me on, or ask questions about any of these, please ask/comment away!

1. Exercising His Options FINISHED
2. The Question Game FINISHED and PUBLISHED
4. A Gender Confused (2362 words) emailed updates to FabVab
5. Carnal Choices (4488 words)
6. An Alien Encounter (6234 words)
7. Another Day … (23p, 3991words) Working on BLOG
8. Across the World ---Researching
9. Meredith/ Tupla --- (612w)
10.Rainbow Rage --- (668 words)
11. Goldilocks ---Outlining, nothing new
12. A Kindness to Strangers ---Outlining, nothing new
13. The Nicest Kid --- (1669 Words)
14. The Dark Side of Day --- Over 20k, nothing new
15. My Father’s Son--- (1199 Words)
16 Broken, Not Fixed--- Outlined
17. Absolute Power ---Outlined
18. No Breeders Allowed ---(3902 words)
19. Two Week Notice --- (2657 words)
20. The Black --- (2010 words)
21. The Zombie Curse ---(586 words)
22. Still Enprisoned ---
23. A Ghost of a Chance ---(960 words)
24. The Unknown (524 words)
25. Kurt/ Roads Travelled --- A New Novel (1000 words)
26. The 2050 Series --- (3902 Words)
27. The Release of the Dragons (3178 words)
28. Shattered Mirrors --- (8559 Words)
29. Down on my Knees --- Idea formulating
30. The F Word --- Idea formulating
31. I'm Gonna Love You Through It --- Idea formulating
32. The Cool Side of the Pillow --- Idea formulating
33. Gay for Pay --- Idea formulating
34. Sponsored by . . .--- Idea formulating
35. Roads traveled --- Novel formulating

So right now, the colors are: Finished Worked on This Week Backburner New Project

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  1. Great idea. I should start posting mine as well. You've got a lot going on here and it looks like you're doing well with it. Good job.