Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP it Wednesday! Major Updates!

So. . .the past couple of weeks have flew by, with the Halloween and Thanksgiving pasting and my birthday and Christmas coming. I've tried to keep my nose to the grind stone, writing almost every day and working toward writing my new goal of 5,000 words per day. It seems the higher I aim, the more I accomplish. So I'm hoping this trend will continue. I finally sold Exercising His Options, to Breathless Press for their Ad-Dick-tion, Volume 3 which is exciting. I'll still waiting to hear back from Kris at MLR about Shattered Mirrors. I am hoping to finish off the year strong, with at least five stories being published, or in process. So, here's my WIPs updated and re organized. I want to finish at least two more shorts and work on editing Dark of Day or writing Roads Traveled during December. Those are some of my goals, which I'll be doing a post about soon, as is my annual tradition. Thanks, as always, for your continued encouragement, ass kicking, and advice. I love you, oh ever faithful reader!

1. The Question Game FINISHED and PUBLISHED
2. Two Tiny Secrets EDITING and SOLD
3. Exercising His Options FINISHED and SOLD
4. Shattered Mirrors FINISHED
5. Another Day (17974 words) Working on BLOG
6. Becoming Carnal (6568 words)
7. Colors in the Sky (7053 words)
8. The Deathwalk Chronicles (5563 words) Totaling 34082 words
     a.) Dark Side of Day (14739 words)
     b.) My Father's Son (9554 words)
     c.) Broken, Not Fixed (1770 words)
     d.) Absolute Power (2456 words)
9. Gender Non (2362 words)
10. Ghost Love (960 words)
11. Nicest Kid (1669 Words)
12. No Breeders Allowed (3902 Words)
13. Rainbow Rage (668 Words)
14. The Black (2010 Words)
15.  The Chosen Family Chronicles (6200 words)
       a.) Picket Fences
       b.) Roads Traveled
       c.) Anger Ball -Part One
       d.) I'm Gonna Love You Through It
       e.)  Anger Ball -Part Two
       f.) The F Word (801 Words)
16. The Release (3178 Words)
17. Tulpa (612 Words)
18. The Zombie Curse (586 Words)
19. The Unknown (524 Words)
20. Two Week Notice (2657 Words)

Still Enprisoned
Kurt/ Roads Travelled
Down on my Knees
The Cool Side of the Pillow
Gay for Pay
Sponsored by . . .
A Kindness to Strangers
Across the World
The Bro Code

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