Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Challenge For Me. . . No FaceBook for a Month!

A social experiment: Could you spend a month without Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube? Would your creativity and productivity improve if you spent all the time you're currently using on Facebook and other "social media" promoting yourself and other such things actually writing instead, I've asked myself? I guess I'll find out in January. I am removing all social media and emails from my phone, and only allowing myself one hour a week on Facebook and other social media to see if I can discipline myself into writing more and "everything else" less. The only way to reach me will be through my blog, and my website. That's it . . . for January, at least. And we'll see where I need to go from there. So, during January, if you need me, the only email that i"ll leave connected is But, don't fret, I will also be updating my blog at least three times a week. So, check out how long I can last at this challenge at


  1. I was actually off facebook for a year...and then I became a writer and had to go back on so that people would know I existed. I didn't miss being on it at all. However, this is a pen name so TECHNICALLY, I'm still off facebook...

  2. Wow, FB is like the only way I keep up with you. I've been very bad with keeping up with the blog posts in my readers.

    Good luck with your writing projects!