Saturday, December 29, 2012

End of Year Review (Movie Style)

This year I decided to do things a little different that I normally do. Instead of numbering the best and worst of films, I just decided to list ALL the movies that I've seen and give a one or two  sentence summary as to why I loved or hated them, or tried hard to forget them. I know that everyone sees the movie has a different opinion, and those opinions are widely varied. So just keep in mind that this list is based on my opinions for whatever they're worth. (There is a list of movies at the end of this that I have not seen and want to. And a list of movies that I will NEVER watch.)  Please feel free to leave your comments about my reviews . . . and leave your own objections and agreements as well. If there is a movie that you don't see listed, please feel free to suggest it. 

The Best
Cabin in the Woods – Broke most minds, and stereotypes. After waiting almost two years, I will definitely say it was worth the wait.
Avengers - The best superhero movie to come out in the last few years. My favorite character was of course, the Hulk. Puny God.
Magic Mike - Minus the last 15 minutes, Channing Tatum. Half naked. Need I say more?
Hunger Games -Minus the motion cameras, one of the best adaptations of the novel to come out, perhaps ever.
Savages – Very dark, but brilliant movie.
The Dark Knight Rises - Definitely one of the years best, even with the raspy voice.
Step Up 4 - At least it grew in morals as the franchise grew.
The Odd Life of Timothy Green – Very inventive and cute movie.
The Perks of being a Wallflower - Had some great lines and overall a great story. Perhaps a new classic.
Won't Back Down - Every movie that has a strong teacher and a “power to the people” message should be this lucky.
Pitch Perfect -One of the best musicals of the year, perhaps of the last few years.
Twilight:Breaking Dawn 2 -Definitely the best Twilight movie, perhaps the only movie to be better than its book.
The Hobbit - Very beautiful scenery, incredibly long. But interesting plot line.
Brave – Strong female characters. A mother's worst nightmare, but her Father's greatest hope.
The Woman In Black -This movie got nine screams, but I hated the ending.
Rock of Ages - While I'm not the biggest fan of 80s music, it had great plot lines and was very comical in a lot of places.

The Worst
Extremely Close and Incredible Loud - This movie started off depressing and quickly spiraled into place that I don't want to ever go again.
One For the Money - I honestly don't remember this movie, other than paying for it.
Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter - Another movie that I was very excited to see, but was very, very bored with.
Joyful Noise - This movie should have been spectacular, however, the reason it is on the Worst list are three words: Dolly Parton's face.
Chronicle - This story reminded me of Paranormal Activity without the scares. And again crappy ending.
Good Deeds - Tyler Perry always has such amazing potential, as did this movie until it decided it was going to become a dramatic comedy.
A Thousand Words - Again another movie with so much potential, and then it died.
Dark Shadows - This one was dead from the beginning. And should be buried deeply somewhere and forgotten.
MIB 3 - Granted I'm not the biggest fan of this particular franchise, but I still think that they could have made this one less predictable and more entertaining.
Snow White and the Huntsman – Except the few times we saw C. Theron's character use magic, was there anything even slightly interesting about this movie? For me, NO.
Ted - This felt like a really long episode of Family Guy, but much,much worse. This was one of the two movies I ended up walking out of.
The Amazing Spider-man - This had the pleasure of being the second movie I walked out of. The dialogue was written by William Shatner and the plot… I don't think there was a writer.
Medea's Witness Protection - I love me some Medea but this movie left me. It just left me.
Paranorman - Another movie with so much potential that was completely predictable, without humor, and no reason to watch it again. Ever.
The Apparation - I sat through this movie for 78 minutes waiting for something to happen. Then it did: the credits rolled.
Wrath of the Titans - This movie angered me more than any other movie of this year. Imagine if someone decided to go into your mythology and kill off half of your gods. I hated this movie so much.
American Reunion - I blocked this movie out completely. Julie had to force me to remember that I had seen it.  

These are movies I haven't seen, but I want to . . . Keep the Lights On, The Raven, What to Expect . . ., Hope Springs, Sparkle, The Possession, The Words, Looper, Sinister, Paranormal Activity 4, Rise of the Guardians, Silver Linings, This is 40, Cloud Atlas, Hitchcock, The Guardian, and Les Miserables

These are movies I am open to watching, but I'm not paying for . . . The Vow, This Means War, 21 Jump Street, Lucky One, Moonrise Kingdom, Total Recall, The Campaign, House at the End of the Street, Frankenweenie, Lincoln, Taken 2, Life of Pi, Here Comes the Boom, Alex Cross

These are movies I will NEVER watch, unless tied to a chair and forced (Clockwork Orange Style) . . . Underworld 4, Ghost Rider 2, Mirror Mirror, Three Stooges, Battleship, Prometheus, That's My Boy, The Expendables 2, Hit and Run, Premium Rush, Resident Evil 5, Judge Dredd, Trouble with the Curve, The Man with Iron Fists, Wreck It Ralph, Django Unchained, The Guilt Trip, Anna Karenina, Skyfall 

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  1. wow well we like quite a few of the same and dislike some of the same. I loved "snowwhite and the huntsman" to me beat all other ones I've seen. agree with Breaking Dawn part 2, loved loved "Pitch perfect" and Step up 4 was the best since the 1st one with channing tatum. did not see as many as you, but will take your word for the ones you'd be tied to chair. the Hobbitt made me run home and dig up the Lord of Rings movies, it was long long but visually wonderful, but I hate it when they put the beginning of series after the series, just bothers me. Now being around so many Jewish people in Florida and loving Seinfield I will probably get a kick out of Guilt Trip when it comes to dvd. finally loving theatre I will take a seat cushion and settle down to Les Miserable another long one they say. Hoping for a good year but have to say best thing of this year for me was ON Demand "King of Thrones" :)