Monday, December 10, 2012

The Questions of Our Life . . . The Question Quest, 34th Edition

Every one knows my favorite game is The Question Game. It's so simple: Ask a question and get an answer. So this year, rather than doing a birthday statement, as I have for the last few years, I'm gonna hope and pray that people want to get to know me better. I will post (and briefly answer) the first 34 questions I receive. I can promise I will honest, direct, and I hope, comical if not down right snarky! 

And if you want to give me another gift, please follow me on my blog and/or twitter if you don't already! I want to end the year with all my friends, family, and followers. Love you muchly.

I should state before starting that there are a number of these questions that could have been answered "Julie". So in order to answer more creatively, I eliminated her from the competition. Sorry Julie :P 

 ::Julie sulks away pouting dramatically::

1.) Please share your hope for the new year. : ) --Tara Lain

A: My hope for the new year is love and peace for all who seek it, knowledge for all who study, and a fuckin' fabulous kiki all year long. Seriously though, I hope I am able to write more and spend more time with the people I love.

2.) What encourages you when things get difficult? *In writing,and in life.* --- Cherie Noel

A: My belief in the goodness of people. And the ability to bitch-slap those who don't believe.

3.) Would you hint at (or tell us) who you want to play with in bed, that doesn't know you would like to? ---Gary Smith

A: Have you met me? I don't do discretion well. I am very forward about who I am interested in and I let them know. Except if Channing Tatum, NPH, or The Joss is reading this blog, I haven't gotten a chance to tell them yet.

4.) Who has influenced you in your writing, and in your lifestyle choices? ---Gary Smith

A: Stephen King liberated my mind but as far as influencing me in what I want to accomplish? Joss Whedon, Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy, and Amy Sherman-Palladino. I also admire Seth Macfarland, especially in the beginning of Family Guy. Plots and dialogue are big things in writing for me.

5.) With whom would you like to be stranded on a desert island? ---Asa Ambrister

A: NPH, because the status is not quo. (and eventually he would have to fall in love with me.)

6.) You're one of the most friendly and positive people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Tell me, husband, were those qualities nature, nurture or learned? In other words, have you always been this way? --- K-lee Klein

A: First of all, thank you! That is very sweet. Second, believe it or not I used to be nicer than I am now. I have fought very hard not to become as jaded as the world thinks I should be. I have been told a number of times that I should not wear my heart on my sleeve and I refuse to follow that advice. I am also told that because of that nature, I will become Zombie food should The Walking Dead ever happened. Guess I'll take that chance. :/

7.) If you could imbue yourself with one super power what would it be? And Why? --PFM

A: The ability to transport myself in the blink of an eye because I hate wasting time. And I with my love of traveling, it would be a lot cheaper.

8.) What is one thing you want to do differently from here on out? ---Julie Prater

A: Stop wasting time on regret and self pity.

9.) I learned in October that your hugs are therapeutic. Have your hugs always been therapeutic or did you work on them being medicinal? ---Sara York

A: Quality over quantity. I would rather hug five people and really mean it, than hug twenty people because I had to.

10.) When you're writing a hot sex scene do you ever find yourself being turned on to the point that you even blush? --- Michele L Montgomery

A: I always write sex scenes right after I masturbate, so they come from the place where sex is less about the orgasm and more about the intimacy.

11.) What is your stand for humanity? --- Scott Bechtel

A: With the mutants...

12.) What is one place you haven't visited that is on your must list? --- Louisa Bacio

A: Everywhere...Especially Australia.

13.) If you were entrusted by a philanthropic organization with five million dollars to use to improve humanity (nothing for yourself), what would you do with it? --- Martha Stephens

A: A helluva lot of research because honestly I don't know. I love the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and Nashville Cares, and a lot of other non- profits, but I want to be able to put it forth to where it is really needed.

14.) If you could create a lover, what are the first five things you would imbibe him/her with and would you share with others? --- Wulf Bundick

A: It would be a him. Honesty, caring, humorous, poly, and nerdy attractive, because I think pocket protectors are sexy.

15.) How do you feel about the word queer? Do you use it to describe yourself? Why or why not? ---Jaison Briar

A: I try to be sensitive to people around me. If I feel like they are going to react badly to it, I won't use it. But do i use it to describe myself? Yes, because I am strange, both sexually and not.

16.) If you could erase one flavor from existence, what would it be? ---Canyu Limbo

17.) Did you really keep those random rocks I gave you? --- Michael Felske

A: Yes, but I have no idea where they are. I kid you not, I keep almost everything that is given to me as a present...especially cards.

18.) What do you want to accomplish most with your writing? ---Adara O'Hare

A: I want to be able to write gay love and gay characters to the point where the gay part is no longer the issue.

19.) How would you accomplish world peace? --- Jae El Foster

A: Stage 1. would be to eliminate drama that is not on TV the stage or in books. 
Stage 2. would be to pay teachers like athletes, and actors by commission only. 
Stage 3 would be to find ways to make democracy more active and more rewarding. 
Stage 4 would be to force the government on all levels to be more transparent so that we can actually see what money is going where and why and all that.
Stage 5 I would love to find a way to make corporate America more accountable to the people.

20.) If you could take author credit for any single piece of literature ever, which one would it be and why? ---Martha Stephens

A: First thought, my answer was the Bible. Because I would love to be able to squash the misuses of texts. It is fought over and has created more wars and division and...yeah.

The second answer would be the complete works of William Shakespeare.

21.) What has changed for the better and the worse about yourself since your last birthday? --Chandra Cook

A: The better has been that I have started to believe in my writing ability a little bit more. The worse is that I still don't believe in my ability as much as I'm told I should.

22.) Who was your greatest source of strength when you were growing up? -- Chris Heim

A: No-one....or maybe He-Man. My mom and dad taught me everything that I did not want to be.

23.) What goals would you like to accomplish before your 35th birthday? --Eden Winters

A: I want to have at least my first novel written and published. Oh, and I want to be an honey badger.

24.) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? -- Heather Liston

A: Exactly where I am.

25.) Since the apocalypse is supposed to happen on December 21, 2012 what do you think the end will be? Examples: Alien invasion, zombie rise, sun will explode, the moon will crash, maybe Dwayne Johnson wins an Oscar?

A: People believe that this is going to happen and will thereby find a way to bring about this prediction.

26.) What do you hope for your personal as well as writing career in the next 3 years? -- AJ Kelton

A: I would love to be as successful as my arch nemesises, Stephenie Meyer or E L Shades. Because if they can do it, I know I can. LOL.  Personally, I would like to start my harem of beautiful men...once again.

27.) What's one thing you wish you could erase from your past? -- Angel Martinez

A: Have you seen "The Butterfly Effect"? Hell Fucking no.

28.) If you had to choose between a partner who gave you ONLY warmth and affection for the rest of your life or one who gave you JUST hot sex, which would you pick? -- Thursday Euclid

A: I've already got the warmth and the hot sex.

29.) What was the positive impact/insight from a time you tried to achieve a goal or task but did not succeed or meet your desired result? What did you learn from that experience that helped you with future success? -- Samantha Blanchard

A: The cafe. To be careful with the distribution of your time and energy.

30.) If you could claim any fictional character ever created as your own, who would it be and why? -- Lissa Kasey

A: I would say probably Bastian from The Neverending Story by Micheal Ende. Because I think that The Neverending Story is the epitome of how I felt as a boy becoming a man. Someone who got completely lost in books and imagination, which is very much me.

31.) What is the nicest compliment anyone ever gave you? -- Martha Stephens

A: The compliment that I remember the most is my best friend's mom telling me that I had a terrific ass. Because I didn’t get compliments as a teenager, and it was the first time I was ever complimented on my body. Ever.

32.) Do you believe in UFOs? If no, why not? If yes, have you ever been abducted? --Tabatha Heart

A: Absolutely yes! But, no, I have never been abducted. I refuse to believe that humans are the most intelligent beings in the universe.

33.) If you could travel into space where would you like to visit first? -Drac Onis

A: I don't know if there would be a first, I would just enjoy being in space with the stars. Wait, the first place I would like to visit would be the Enterprise but that's fiction...

34.) Who would you drop everything for and run away with if they walked into your life and looked at you and said "lets go!" (can be fiction or real, or better one of each?) --Laura Medeiros

A: The problem I have with this is that all the people I can think of are so egotistical or assholic or even just sarcastically edged that I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with them. And I can't think of any guys that are presented as complete sweethearts and that is the kinda guy I would fall for.

And one for good Luck! 

35.) Name a guilty pleasure you plan to indulge in when funds allow. (ie trip, food, TV on DVD, etc.)

A: My splurges are generally conventions.


  1. Wow. This was so great! Thanks for sharing all of this with us. I loved reading it.

  2. What a fantastic birthday present for all of us! And regarding my question and where you want to visit, I can totally see you going Down Under! Hee.

  3. LOL. I hope you had fun with this. Happy Bday.

  4. This is so great. I not only loved reading your answers, but also seeing the questions people had asked! Thank you for sharing it with us! Happy Birthday, kiddo. *hugs* : )

  5. Oh, dear...I seem to be the only person to elicit a hell no...must phrase questions more carefully, next time. Tons of fun, Will!