Friday, July 5, 2013

AdDickTion Volume 3 - The Release, The Tour, and Ways to Get It !!!

     Ad-Dick-tion Volume Three was released TODAY!!! This is my third big release and I am so excited. This anthology features my short story, Exercising His Options.

     Marriage is already an obstacle course but this is one hurdle they never imagined. This is the story of Enver Mann and his wife Deanna, who have their marriage challenged when Enver begins to lust after someone else. . .a man.

      This steamy story will have you running to the bedroom for some alone time, or maybe, some together time with the one you love. Either way, it will provoke conversation and bring the question "What defines a marriage?" I will do a blog tour to promote the anthology (and this story) throughout all the July and August. Starting with Raven's Ramblings... TODAY and check out the list below to see who else's blog I'll be appearing on. And if you just can't wait and you want to buy the anthology now, here's the link . .

And here are the posts where I'll be, when I'll be there, and what my post will be about:
That Line Ain't So Straight (Thinking Outside of Labels)
July 8th Becca Butcher 
PDS (Public Displays of Sex)
July 12th Louisa Bacio 
Down On My knees (A discussion of Christianity Vs Homosexuality)
July 17th JP Barnaby 
We're All Prostitutes Here (Understanding the pay rate)
July 18th Dianne Hartsock 
Sexuality, DOMA, and Beyond
Enver Mann - Writing Myself Into the Story
July 25th Morgan Danes  
Deanna Mann - How Naked Can I Get? (The Road to Self Discovery)
July 26th Word Enlightenment 
Small Words, Big Plots ( The subtle element of storytelling)
July 28th Tales From the Writing Cave
Do Gingers Have Souls? (Picking Physical Traits for Characters)
July 30th Babes in Boyland
Thumbing Our Nose at the Institution of Marriage
July 31st Xara  X Xanakas 
From Cos Play to Cat O'Nine Tails ( Geeks and Kink)
August 2nd Jacob Flores
Poly . . .The Naked Truth

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