Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tornado Living, dream development, and FREE books by Colette L Saucier!

Greetings, faithful reader. I'm sorry I've been away for so long. I mean, I've been posting but nothing personal because my life is a tornado . . . a "fun filled crazy sour patch kid" of a tornado. I mean, I'm been kicked out twice in as many months (no details needed, just focus on the positive!) It seems the universe likes me in chaotic form, LOL. But while surfing various couchs, looking for imaginary jobs, and trying not to give up to the pit of despair, I pray for ability to see the silver lining, or at least avoid the giant puddles of shit!

And I continue to fight for my dream . . .world peace, of course. Followed quickly by becoming a world famous author. And to that end, some things have changed. I left post with Marketing For Romance Writers as their Blog Talk Radio Coordinator and took on a new challenge. My friend, Kristyn Phipps, and I starting a new project called Writer's Online Network and I am super excited about it. It combines all my major passions while helping me to grow both as an author and a completely unprofessional professional networker. (Which as you all know is my hard core passion!)

So with this development my show Write On the Edge has moved over to the new network and as Director of Writer's Online Network Blog Talk Radio (aka WON-BTR) we have five new shows that will be debuting in August. I am very excited about this shows that will feature everything from contemporary authors to paranormal, as wide as the spectrum goes. Behind the Book will feature those who work behind the scenes, Ask the Editor will be anyone's chance to hear from the horse's mouth, and Freshly Booked, a series geared to people new to the craft of writing. There will be more information released about these shows in the upcoming weeks. And there is still room for you. In September we will debuting five more shows! So if you have an idea and you want help bringing it to life (and people's ears), email me at

And speaking of Write On the Edge, tonight I got to meet Colette L Saucier, whose bestselling book, Pulse and Prejudice, is a brilliant revamp of a classic. Find out about her inspiration for writing this book, how she incorporates her kids in her writing process, and who her greatest inspiration is. She also tells about her name creation process, about the pressure of writing a historical, and the words she just won’t use.Check out Write On the Edge w/ guest Colette L Saucier at #BlogTalkRadio

AND IF YOU COMMENT BELOW YOU ARE ENTERED TO WIN A COPY OF ONE OF HER BOOKS! SO DO IT! (The drawing will take place next thursday on that episode of Write On the Edge.)


  1. Correction: I am giving away TWO eBooks! Once copy each or *Pulse and Prejudice* AND my NEW RELEASE *Alicia's Possession* - we talked about all my books on Wt's radio show last week (it's kind of buried up there...)

  2. Ok
    commenting for my lovely friend Colette! Can't wait for these books!!!
    Thank you!!

  3. They sound interesting!! Can't wait!

  4. You go Colette!! both sound amazing!

  5. I have to admit the premise made me giggle and I am looking forward to seeing how Mr. Darcy handles his blood lust. ;) Thank you for the chance to win a treat.

  6. Great post! Very fun! And i love the sound of Pulse & Prejudice. Ive had my eye on this one! Sounds so good! Thank you for sharing! And for the chance to read your books! :)

  7. I enjoyed Pulse and Prejudice and would love a chance to win Colette's new release. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. ooooh, I am a big time Pride and Prejudice fan and enjoy reading the various tweeked retellings.....::dances arounds like a five year old:: I waaant iiiiit!!! Okay, not wanting to come across as crass....just excited :) I would very much enjoy a copy of Pulse and Prejudice. Sam.mazur(at)ymail(dot)com