Friday, July 19, 2013

SEVEN FREE BOOKS, A 50.00 DOLLAR GIFT CARD, and lots of love could be yours!!!

I've posted quite a bit over the last few weeks regarding my blog tour for AdDickTion Volume Three, and regarding Writer's Online Network - Blog Talk Radio (WON-BTR). This post is about both. . . and neither. I wanted to give everyone another chance to win some (one of seven) awesome FREE books. . .

J.P. Barnaby was on BTR with me two weeks ago and gave us tons of insight into her world. And then, I visited her blog just a few days ago . . . (You can check it out here) AND NOW She’s OFFERING A FREE BOOK IF YOU READ AND/OR LISTEN, and leave a comment here or there!

Next, up there is Colette L Saucier, and her interview on BTR last week (Here is the link in case you missed it!) where she tells about her name creation process, about the pressure of writing a historical, and the words she just won’t use. . . And she is giving away TWO eBooks! One copy each of *Pulse and Prejudice* AND her NEW RELEASE *Alicia's Possession*  . . .SO check that out and comment here to possibly win these books.

Brenda Cothern, featured on BTR on Wednesday, reveals her thoughts on the yays and nays of indie publishing and the work she credits as inspiration and motivation for her author journey. Amazon listed her as a Top 20 Author in gay, gay romance, and romance, listen up and find out why! Brenda is offering a chance to win one of three copies of one of her books, you can enter by commenting on her blog.


 Vicktor Alexander, who was on the show tonight, is offering a $50 Amazon Giftcard AND a free e-book copy of any one book from his backlist or a free copy of "Chain Me" when it releases in August.  To be elligible for this drawing you will need to: 1) be a follower of WON-BTR ( and 2) Leave a comment about the show. (


  1. Where you enter comments? I listened to Vicktor's interview and really enjoyed it! It was great to hear Vicktor's voice. He does have a cute Southern accent.

    1. HI KILLERHIPPIE! Love your name, just saying. You can comment where ever you want. I will make sure you are entered to win!Big hugs and good luck.---Wt

  2. I really enjoyed meeting Vicktor last weekend. Who knew southern hospitality wasn't completely dead? These days, you do well to find something to say "please" and "thanks you", but I have a feeling Vicktor brings that southern hospitality to anyone he the light or dark!