Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Return of WIP it Wednesday!

    I just realized that I have not updated this list in quite a while. . . I am so sorry. I will strive to update it at least every two weeks or so! (All hail the return of WIP-it Wednesday!) As far as writing habit, I'm writing on average 500 words a day, which I would love to improve and get to 1000 words a day within the next month. I am also very excited to have a couple of co-writes in process. . .

    Right now, I have two FREE READS finished. I did "The Question Game" (FINISHED and PUBLISHED) for last year's challenge on the Goodreads M/M, Love Is Always Write, and it was published in August 2012 and then I did the challenge again this year and produced "I Sing the Body Eclectic/ ISTBE"  (FINISHED and GOING THROUGH EDITS) which was rejected because it did not follow the guidelines, so I went back into that universe and created "The Missing Pieces" (FINISHED and PUBLISHED around August 17th), which compliments ISTBE, so my plan is to have "The Missing Pieces" as a FREE gift to the readers, turning ISTBE into a novella, and then "The Big Picture" to finish the story off.

     Regarding sold pieces, Two Tiny Secrets (FINISHED and PUBLISHED) came out in February, and then Exercising His Options (FINISHED and PUBLISHED) came out on July 5th. So, that means that once I finish revisions, I will be working on selling ISTBE, and expanding Shattered Mirrors (which was FINISHED as a short, and then advised to form into a complete novel).  A Little Lonely, which is the follow up to "Exercising His Options" is FINISHED and GOING THROUGH BETAS, and hopefully will be published soon. 

So . . .to recap. . .

1. The Question Game, published August 2012
2. Two Tiny Secrets, published Feb 2013
3. Exercising His Options, published July 5th, 2013
4. The Missing Pieces, set to be published August 2013
5. I Sing the Body Eclectic, in final revisions to become a novella
6. A Little Lonely, out to betas and then be submitted
7. Shattered Mirrors, being expanded to a novella
8. The Big Picture, being plotted out
9. The Perfect Marriage, (the third piece of the Kurt/Enver/Deanna triangle), being plotted out
10. The Things Edgar McMann Saw While He Lay Dying (a co-write)  being plotted
11. The Deathwalk Chronicles (5563 words) Totaling 34082 words
     a.) Dark Side of Day (14739 words)
     b.) My Father's Son (9554 words)
     c.) Broken, Not Fixed (1770 words)
     d.) Absolute Power (2456 words)
12. Another Day (17974 words) Working on BLOG
13. Becoming Carnal (6568 words)
14. Colors in the Sky (7053 words)
15. Gender Non (2362 words)
16. Ghost Love (960 words)
17. Nicest Kid (1669 Words)
18. No Breeders Allowed (3902 Words)
19. Rainbow Rage (668 Words)
20. The Black (2010 Words)
21.  The Chosen Family Chronicles (6200 words)
        a.) Picket Fences
        b.) Roads Traveled
        c.) Anger Ball -Part One
        d.) I'm Gonna Love You Through It
        e.)  Anger Ball -Part Two
        f.) The F Word (801 Words)
22. The Release (3178 Words)
23. Tulpa (612 Words)
24. The Zombie Curse (586 Words)
25. The Unknown (524 Words)
26. Two Week Notice (2657 Words)

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