Thursday, May 24, 2012

About Flash Fiction Friday. . .

I'm declaring tomorrow Flash Fiction Friday on my blog. The idea is simple. . . I will give you the title/theme . . . You will write a story 100 words long (no more, no less) . . . and then we'll let the audience decide who best captured the title/theme. There is no prize at this point, other then maybe self-discipline and a seed for a new story, or stories. Who wants to challenge themselves and others?

The theme will be announced be announced Thursday around 5pm and ANYONE can enter a story until around 3 pm Central Time Friday. You can enter by writing a story the length stated above and emailing that story to by 3 pm Central Time Friday. I will then post all the entries on the my blog Friday afternoon. Ask your friends and family to come read all the entries, and vote for the best one by leaving comments (Only one vote per comment, please) . I will go through the comments and post the winner Saturday afternoon. I reserve the right to bring in other off-line judges if there are not enough comments.

**** Warning: If your entry is less or more than 100 words (hyphenated words are counted separately), it will not be posted. PERIOD.  And I will deal with spacing issues, but otherwise, I will not edit or correct spelling or grammar. ****

                  This week's theme is : And That Changed Everything

You can write about whatever you what regarding that theme. Just remember 100 words exactly.  Have fun and get to writing!

My Example:

      The little woman, sat staring out into space. Her face of wrinkles, gave her age away. One right arm relaxed into a plate of food, elbow covered in ketchup, as she ate. Her other arm rested on top of her bag made of cheap black vinyl, with her billfold resting right on top. The place was empty except the employees in the back taking a smoke.
       The man approached from behind.
       “Gimme the bag.” His eyes, blood shot and broken. She reached in her bag and pulled out her gun and shot him in the face. Her eyes glimmered excitedly.

SO YOU'RE ENTERING . . .  Thanks! And some last minute helpful tips!


2. Comment below on Thursday, saying, "I'm in" or "I wanna" or something like that so I can keep an eye out for your e-mail.

3. Email your story to by 3 pm Central Time Friday. (I will post all stories as I get them, but voting will not begin until 3 pm Friday. )

4. Have your family your family, friends, and whatever and vote for the best story (perhaps yours) by leaving comments Friday or early Saturday (voting cuts off at 3 pm Central Saturday) .

5. Come back Saturday after 3pm  and check out / congratulation the winner.


  1. "And that changed everything." Ben leaned back in his chair, obviously satisfied with the conclusion to his story.
    "What the hell are you talking about, Ben?" Ariel glared at her office mate. When Ariel's manager told her that they had been restructuring the office, Ariel assumed that someone was getting fired. She never imagined that she would have to share her work space, and consequently, her clients with a person as egregiously dimwitted as Ben.
    "You know, I really fucking hate you." She pushed her chair back from her desk and slung her messenger bag over her shoulder. "I quit."

    1. Thank you for this. Please make sure you email it to me as well for it to be in the FFF Contest. Thanks ---will

  2. The blood pounded thickly through her veins, as though for the first time. She opened her eyes to a bright new world. This time, everything would be different. The survival of her species depended solely on her. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and flexed the muscles in her shoulders. They seemed to vibrate with the new power she had gained. She deftly sprung into a crouched position. This was it. She inhaled a breath, the air effervescing pleasantly in her newly transformed lungs. She focused on her pray and a single word escaped her lips. “Braaaaaaaaaaains.”

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    1. What name is on your entry? Please.

  4. Replies
    1. What name is on your entry? Please.

  5. Sent you my 100 words, but forgot to say I'm in.

    So, "I'm in." :D