Monday, May 14, 2012

My letter to EW (Entertainment Weekly)

     Let me begin by saying that Entertainment Weekly (EW) is my favorite magazine. I read almost religiously. And almost every review I've read I either agreed with or at least understood. However, this week when I read Melissa Maerz's review of Adam Lambert's new CD, I felt that the review was in one word: homophobic. And to add a couple more words: uninformative and just plain rude. I am not the biggest fan of Adam, or his music, but in reading this review, it felt as if Ms. Maerz had more of an issue with his style (calling him Glammy, and other jabs) then with his music. 
     After listening to the album several times, I still could not see the "big gay dance-club" reference or the "left the closet far behind" when they are no direct references to being gay or the BDSM lifestyle. My point in this is such: Not liking the music is expected, but attacking a person's characteris not ok when it is a "music review". I have shared this review with several others, asking for their take, in case I'm being oversensitive. But based on the feedback I have received I am not.
     In conclusion, I can not and will not make big threats about never reading EW again. But I will say I'm disappointed this review ran and as for Ms. Maerz, I know I will be avoiding any articles she has a byline on.
                                                                             With Sadness, but still yours,
                                                                                        w t prater

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