Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A circle of a little

The purpose of this poem was connect several ideas, children, belief, and change . As one can tell, I am working through some childhood issues while understands those issues helped me grow into the man I have become. So. . .

As little children, we were read fairy tales, and told they could be true,
Some were raised to believe they could succeed in all they do.
Some were given anything and everything their little hearts desire
While hearts like mine, put on the line, and tested through the fire.
I tell myself my parents cared, they tried to understand,
At nine years old, I felt so cold, without want or demand.
I'm sure they tried to meet my needs, I tell myself to breathe,
But holding clothes beneath my nose, as it continues to bleed.
I try to find the happy place, that place of fairy tales,
But the harder I try, the farther away,
and the more I seem to fail.
I tell myself the reason why I long to have a future filled with kids
is because I promise the universe I'll do better than they did.
I know how hard this life is and how to feel alone
And I swear to do my best to make this change my own.
TO make the world a more loving place than it was when I began,
to never give up for more than a moment, although I am one little man.
A little seed goes the earth, a little sun makes it grow,
a little rain waters the earth, and a little flower's color shows.
One person stops and sees the flower, and smiles on his way,
the smile spreads, and someone laughs, and carries the brightness away.
That's all that takes for the whole world to change, a belief, love, and a smile,
and one little change can get carried away, as simple as the belief of a child.

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