Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Simple things instead.

  Every word I say
  Will be watched like a hawk
And with that thought
I want to explain my theory
   It could be bunnies
   or honeys
      or simply a sunny day,
      whatever makes you happy.
Searching for money,
   and things that fade,
   that are grey and all burn away.
That my friend is the sign
 of insanity
     Free your mind,
     let it roam,
  and it will find it's
      place at home.
In the simple pleasures of
reading a book,
     solving a problem,
    travel and look.
Stop destroying the simple things,
                     all to become kings
                     and queens in countries
                          with hateful themes.
As a child, be lead.
                            Simple things instead.

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