Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: And That Changed Everything

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This week's theme/title was:  And That Changed Everything

From author Shay MacLean
Entry  1

      Morgan tried to pull out of Evan’s arms as the dance ended, but he spun her so her back was to his front. He leaned in. “Relax, Morgan. I won’t bite. Unless you want me to.” He ground his hips against her ass.
     “Evan, let me go. Corin is my best friend. I don’t think she’d appreciate her husband dancing with another woman like this.”
     Soft curves pressed into her from the front. “Oh, I don’t know about dancing with another woman like this. But with you ... I don’t mind.” Corin kissed her cheek.
     “Especially if I can too.”

From author Andy Slayde
Entry 2

     The take out containers were secured in the front seat. Gourmet smells mingling with the crisp scent of cool fall air.
     Almost home.
The anticipation was unbearable. A romantic dinner for two in front of the fire, which would lead to kisses that still stopped his heart, even after all these years.  He’d lay Avery down on the rug; savor the decadent dessert from every inch of his lover’s body.
     A blur of reddish brown jumped onto the road. Riley slammed on the brakes, tires squealing, and sliding on the wet leaves littering the pavement, before colliding with the buck.

From author Andy Slayde
Entry 3

     Avery read the same paragraph for the third time, still not registering what he’d read. He was antsy, eager for Riley to come home. A nice romantic dinner of Blue Heather’s finest take out. Afterwards, they’d go out on the deck under the star filled sky and make out like a couple of
randy teens. It was a little chilly but they’d heat things up in no time.
     The generic ringtone of an unknown caller grabbed Avery’s attention.
     “Hello?” Maybe Riley had to replace his phone.
     “Mr. Miller? This is Sheriff Daniel Harrison, Braeside Police Department. There’s been an accident.”

From author D D Starr
Entry 4

     I was gonna leave, I was gonna leave! I paced back and forth, heart in my throat.  Did I leave a note? Saying what? Should I fold the laundry before I go, check the messages? Shit! Why the fuck did it matter? Would he even notice I was gone? Blinking light on message machine, must check. Message from the lottery corporation. What?  The barcode number from the ticket he called in was a match, please arrange to be there in morning for news conference. Holy shit! Where the fuck was the ticket? Ha. Idiot left his wallet behind this morning.

From author Joy Coop
Entry 5

     I couldn't believe she was back in my bed. It'd been a year since the best thing to happen to me had ended. She was tall, with long black hair and piquant features that spoke of unearthly beauty. I
lay there,her head on my thigh as we relaxed, running fingers through her hair.
     She looked up. "Baby...I know it's been a long time. There's something you need to know." My eyes blinked as her skin tore across her shoulder blades, exposing bronzed clockwork wings that
arched upwards.
     She hid her face, waiting for me. "Do you still love me?"

From author Louisa Bacio
Entry 6

     Rumor Wasted laced up her skates, pulling the strings tight and thinking about the royal thrashing she’d give the other team. As she cruised onto the rink, adrenaline coursed through her body. The power and high she got on the track almost rivaled the glorious afterglow of a good fuck.
     Almost, but not quite.
     A blur of yellow and red smashed into Rumor, slinging her into the rail. She bounced off and landed on her ass. She caught sight of a blonde ponytail bobbing away.
     Deep purple wings unfurled from Rumor’s shoulder blades, and she took off after her assailant.

From author Annette C Macias
Entry 7

     Celia threw open the double doors. She frantically scanned the hotel room and for a second feared she was too late. Then he appeared from the balcony. Already dressed in his black and gray tuxedo, Gabriel almost took her breath away.
    “What are you doing here?” he asked.
     She gathered up her chiffon gown and walked toward him. Just minutes earlier, her stomach had been twisting with doubt. Now Celia knew in her heart she was doing the right thing.
     “I’m here to tell you that I love you and that I don’t think you should marry my sister today.”

From author Kayla Jennings
Entry 8

     Bookworms. They are those people who can tell you every new release and they always have at least five or six books on their person at any given moment. Yeah, they have even been caught sniffing a book more times than they would like to admit. What if I told you that every book ever written and every author that ever lived was a direct result of a human and a bookworm falling in love and having a child? That's insane, right? I thought so, too, until I met my mother, Austen Poe: bookworm. So much for being an orphan.

From author Gary Smith
Entry 9

      The old man sat in his workshop/tool shed with the door closed facing away from the window. He didn’t want anyone to see what he was doing. He had washed and dried it, then carefully oiled it. As he grasped it, he tried to estimate its weight. He already knew its length. He had measured it and had determined its length as seven-and-a half inches. He was pretty proud of that! Soon he would be basking in the adulation of the others in the club. He had slyly pried the others about theirs.
      He knew he had the largest cucumber.

From author Xara X Xanakas
Entry 10

     Five minutes. That's what it took. Five hot, sweaty, dirty minutes in a bathroom stall. The thump-thump-thump of the bass bleeding through the walls, the hands sliding into the front of my pants, pushing them down my hips. Pain, intense, fierce, fading. A hard cock, slick with spit, sliding into me, pounding in time with the music. Palms flat on the wall behind the toilet. Both of us shouting out as we came: me into the bowl, him into me. Crying, wondering just what happened. Why I gave it away. Knowing I can never get it back.
     Lost: one virginity.

From author Kiernan Kelly
Entry 11

     He looked peaceful, lying in a bronze box, eyes closed, hands clasped as though in prayer. He seemed only asleep, not dead.
      The virus that killed him didn't even have a name yet, but it was always lethal, resulting in a swift, if ugly, death. I still couldn't believe he was gone.
      I loved him more than life. I bent to kiss his lips, and whisper to him for the last time. "I'll always love you."
      His eyes flashed opened, the milky film of death still covering them. He reached for me with cold, dead hands.And that changed everything.

From Kyle Mankes
Entry 12

     His hair wasn’t long, but it was shaggy and three weeks overdue for a trim.  He sat in the barber’s chair wondering what he’d do with his life while listening to the familiar sound of the barber’s clippers buzzing.  College starts in a few months and I haven’t picked a major.  Engineer?  Lawyer?  Maybe a doctor?  I need a clear sign.  Then the phone rang.  The barber leaned over to pick up the old style receiver with one hand while clipping with the other.  Then, out of nowhere, the boy sneezed. 
     A chunk of hair went missing. 
     Military it is.

From author Julia Prater
Entry 13

     The day stood poised to take a nosedive into a flaming pile of dogshit.  What with the imminent arrival of my in laws and their three pomeranians I was already agitated.  Add ontop of that the still smoldering meatloaf in the sink and the complete lack of dressing for the salad the dinner as a whole could be considered an unmitigated disaster.  I couldn't leave because they would be arriving any moment.  The knock at the door had me taking a deep cleansing breath.  I opened the door and smiled. 
     Then I thanked the gods for Girl Scouts and cookies.



  1. I am a big menage fan so of course my top pick is Entry 1 From author Shay MacLean

  2. It was a toss up for a bit between #4 and #6. But after much deliberation I have decided. My vote goes to.... (drum roll).... #4.

  3. Obviously I couldn't vote for mine (4)! But its a tough call - they are soooo good. i particularly love 5, 7 and 10... and... my vote is entry number 10!

  4. Not voting since I contributed. Thanks for the inspiration. It was fun.

  5. Forced to choose one, I will pick #5. But #2 and #9 are also really well done!

  6. So many great ones, but because I've been there, I'll have to choose 13.

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  8. Number 11 by Kiernan Kelly! I love me some zombies!!!

  9. tough choices! But #4 made me laugh! 4 it is!

  10. I really liked 9, it made me smile

  11. and I found 12 to be amusing, I have made decisions like this, lol.

  12. Well, I read #1 and thought surely nothing could top that....all the way through, although they were all good, #1 was my choice...then I got to 12. It was the only one that made me laugh out loud. So my vote goes to #12!!

  13. tough, Im finding the wings interesting and well, roller derby and bad ass wings... but then again theres the ... cucumber...hmmm

    BTW this was fun

    still thinking

    its eennie meennie minnie moe time...


  14. Two was very sweet. That one has my vote.

  15. I liked them all but I must choose Entry 10.

  16. Congrats #2 Andy Slayde, with 5 votes.

  17. Thank you! Had a great time writing this. I hope you do this again. All the entries were great!

  18. This was fun. Lots of romance entries. I'm abstaining from voting because I'm a contestant. I'm telling my friends to visit the site this week and vote for their favorite (even if it isn't mine).

    1. Three of my friends came to vote but had issues posting on the site. Blogger has done that on my own site. It seems to work well if you have a gmail account, but not reliable for the other accounts. I don't know . . . anyway, I just thought you should know.

  19. lots of good stuff. I liked #12 very well .... but I'd buy the book for #11. Where is it Kiernan?