Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Gayest Con with the Most Fun

Joe Phillip's artwork
     OutlantaCon has been a convention on my must list for three years now, and this year it finally happened. I was pretty proud of the fact that I arranged my own ride to Atlanta, set up a roommate, and paid for the Convention all on my own (sorta, lol.) The point is that it was one of the first Cons I wanted, for me, by me. And it was so worth it.
     Julie dropped me off at the Greyhound bus station at 7 in the morning, and the bus left Nashville at the right time, and the ride was fairly uneventful. Once I got to Atlanta, I started texting Angelia Sparrow, who I was suppose to meet to get me to the Hotel. She helped me find the Marta station and take the rail-bus to the Perimeter mall to meet her and Gabriel Coop. I hugged them both with excitement, and then ran to get food. After I finished eating and they finished shopping, we loaded all our bags in Angelia’s car and headed to the hotel.
     We arrived at the hotel a few minutes later, and I checked in at the con table, while texting Kiernan Kelly and her husband, who were my roomies for this Con. While roaming around looking for them, I ended up in the dealer room, and nearly squee would when I saw Eden Winters and J P Barnaby at one of the tables. I didn’t know they were gonna be there. I hugged them hard, and let them know that I was really happy to see them (duh to the squee, uh?) .
      I found Kiernan and headed up to the room to shower, and get ready for my 7 pm panel about Joss Whedon. I spent an hour talking to Kiernan and her husband about writing, houses, and publicity. I am so grateful I didn’t drive her nuts with all my questions, and I feel like I know her better after picking her brain, and sharing a room with them for a weekend. I am grateful beyond words that they are such kind and wonderful people.
     I went to the open ceremonies, which were short and effectual. And then my panel, which I was honored to share with Tony Gowell, Shae Connor, and T C Blue. We had a fair attendance, and a lot of fun, arguing and agreeing and arguing again about various aspects of the Whedonverse including: Either or not Eliza Dushku can act, what addicted whom to what, and what really happens behind the scenes of DragonCon. It was very informative, and very chaotic.
     After eating Sushi and Sweet and Sour chicken with Kiernan and her hubbie, K and I headed to the Male Anatomy Workshop presented by Hishicho. While very informative, we mostly sat around and listened to Hishicho talk about penis, and other related anatomy questions. Awesome workshop, fyi.
Even after a long day, I still wasn’t feeling sleepy so I went to the game and played a game of Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of people I didn’t know. However, I came to know them, as the evening got later, and funnier. Hishicho singing and dancing around the room, the flask and bottle o’liquor that was being passed around the table mixed to make the evening incredibly funny.
     Saturday morning came too early, but fully welcomed as I got to have breakfast with Eden Winters, and get to know her better. I learned a lot her and why she got into writing. And then rushed off to my ten o’clock, Gay Characters on TV, which was suppose to be me, Shae Connor, T C Blue, and Kiernan Kelly. Only TC showed up but we still had fun with just us, and three audience members. We discussed favorite gay shows and characters while nearly freezing to death in our panel room. I think we all walked away frostbitten but laughing.
     I thought I would spend the rest of day chilling and relaxing, but instead I ended up going to one Writer’s panel after another. I spent eight hours learning:
1.) about killer first lines by giving examples of what does and does not catch an editor’s attention.
2.) how to deal with publishers and editors, and what not to do.
3.) creating opening paragraphs that demand the attention of the reader
4.) character creation from the inside out, the classic dos and dont’s
5.) the difference between plotting and storytelling, and better ways of doing both
6. ) how to get yourself and your work out in the universe by bogging and using other social media
7.) Teen Fiction, what is it, how to do it well, and houses known for it.
8.) learning more about the difference in Lit and Romance, and other similar arguments.
      A Special Thank You to all the authors and editors who taught: R Alan Stiler, Lee Martindale, Kayelle Allen, Angelia Sparrow, Kiernan Kelly, Java Green, Andrew Greenberg, Hishicho, Andrew Greenberg, Dennis Upkins, Eugie Foster, Paul Bright, and Kage Alan. When I publish my first novel and wins lots of awards, I’ll be doing it thanks to all of you.
      Saturday night is XXX rated and won’t be in this review, but it may make its way into one of my erotic stories down the road. Names changed maybe slightly, but only to protect the guilty.
     Sunday morning was a relaxed one, being that I didn’t get back to my room until 5am. I crawled out of bed, showered, and glanced at the clock. Nearly noon. I get to the dealer’s room to collect a few more books, and gifts for friends. Then I hung out with J P and Eden at their table for a while. I roamed around saying good-bye to the hot men of the Con and thanking all the staff. I got a few pictures to commemorate this wonderful, and to end my weekend I got to have lunch with Angelia Sparrow and Gabriel. Then Marta and the bus ride home.
     Overall, this was a fabulous weekend, and OutlantaCon is on my definitely on my list of Cons to regular. In addition, I hope it grows in size, and continues to be of great quality.


  1. Definitely looking forward to seeing you there again next year!

  2. That was fun. I'm glad you were able to pick up some information, and will expect to see those books and awards pile up. You have the interest and I believe you have the drive. Keep working. Keep writing. You can do it!